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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Twice The Love For Two Year Old Twins...

Happy 2nd Birthday, 
Joey & Jacob !!

On Friday, our little twin boys, Joseph and Jacob celebrated their second birthday! Oh my goodness, I am the mother of a four year old and twin two year old boys! I am so thankful for these two darling little blessings!

We usually celebrate first birthdays with a big family/friend party. Second birthdays tend to be a little more mild around our home, but you know what? Second year birthdays are my favorite! I love two year olds!! I know some people talk about, "the terrible twos", but I think they are terrific!! Two year olds love to discover and learn new things. To a two year old, the world is full of wonder, innocence and delight! Two year olds remind me of the beautiful scripture in the Bible from Matthew. 

"Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven." Matthew 18:3 

On Friday, we had a small family dinner at our house. Nothing fancy, just pizza and cupcakes. The boys had the best time with their cupcakes, you would have thought we had given them gold! 

My parents, (Gigi and Bampa, as the twins lovingly call them), came to celebrate. 

The boys had a great old time opening up their gifts and of course, playing with the wrapping paper and gift bags! They absolutely loved all of their gifts, but two gifts in particular really stood out to the boys. One of the gifts that my parents gave to the twins was a a bubble maker machine! Oh wow, what fun these two little tid- bits are having with this!!! They also love their new potty that Daddy and I bought them. We have not officially begun to potty train, in fact, this is their first interaction with the potty!

Love that potty! 


Blowing out our birthday cupcakes!

Time for more presents! 

What would a two year old Happy Birthday post be without a little trip down memory lane?

First day we found out we were expecting TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
August, 2013

Two buns in the oven for almost nine months! 

It's go time!! Delivery Day! 
Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 

Let's get these little boys out to see the world! Mama is more than READY!! 
We made it to about 35 week after a long pregnancy of four months of complete bed rest. 

They're HERE!!!

Daddy and the new big brother, Robbie!! 

And then... things started moving really fast!!!!

Year one was a blast and also pretty BUSY! 
As you can tell, we fall more and more in love with these little guys each and everyday! 

We love you so much little boys! Joseph and Jacob, we are so blessed to have you and to know you! Happy Birthday, sweet boys! 
This will be a great year! 

Mommy & Daddy

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Anna said...

Hope your boys had a great birthday!

I agree, I loved two. I honestly don't know why there isn't more talk of the "terrible threes?" I actually have more trouble with that now than I ever did at two.