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We are honored to be serving our country and ask for prayer in our upcoming adventures. We have been blessed tremendously, and thank God everyday for all he has given us!





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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Little of This, A Little of That ...

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Good Morning Dear Ones!
 We have had lots of rain over the past few days and the sun is just now starting to peek through the clouds. It is crisp and cool and I love that when I walked outside this morning, I could see the steam from my breath. I love winter!

Today is one of those days where we have a whole bunch of errands to run... vacuum, clean the inside and wash the outside of the car. Run to Target for more baby wipes, some baby food products and formula, lunch at the park, ( if the weather permits) and make it home before afternoon naps. Did I mention that tonight the kiddos and I are all heading over to Gigi's house to see Santa? Yep, Santa is coming by her house tonight in his beautiful sleigh, ( a once a year tradition put on by the city... every year, Santa drives by each house in the city and throws candy canes to all of the boys and girls.) So much fun and I never know who is more excited about this, the kids or me?!!

I am so excited that I have a little time to blog this morning while the babies nap and Robbie colors/ watches a little bit of Caillou and plays pirate all at the same time. :) Now that the twins are nine months old... yes, NINE MONTHS OLD!!!( I just can't believe it!). I have started to try to schedule our days a little more, mostly because I think I will go INSANE if I don't implement a little more structure throughout the day. By the time 4:30 rolls around I am thoroughly EXHAUSTED and it is really all I can do to stay awake until dinner! The twins are both crawling and into everything and all over the place and with these new developmental milestones comes a few night wakings for mommy.
So for any of you twin mamas or mamas of multiples, here is a basic outline of our new daily schedule.

7:00 am
Babies up and awake and given a bottle. Then keep them up , awake and playful. ( Usually I put them in their jumpy or let them play in their pack n' play with toys.

7:30 am
Robbie wakes up and comes and joins us.
I get breakfast ready while the twins and Robbie all play in the family room/ have a Praise Baby DVD on. I love starting the morning with these calm and beautiful worship DVDs.

8:00 am
Breakfast for all three little ones.
Babies- Practice with sippy cup with 2 to 4 ounces of milk and a fruit and grain breakfast ( oatmeal, brown rice cereal and fruit like banana or apples.) I try to read one book to the babies at breakfast.
Robbie usually gets a sippy cup with almond milk, eggs and cut up fruit or fruit/ veggie smoothie.

8:30 am
Play time together
We have been turning on the Christmas songs and playing Legos or blocks or cars and trucks in the living room.

9:00 am
Joey and Jacob are put down for their morning nap with 4 to 6 ounces of formula.
Ideally nap for 1-1 1/2 hours
During the babies nap time, Robbie and I read books together during our quite reading time/ work on school time letters and numbers, play Legos and then Robbie is allowed a cartoon, which is usually Caillou. During Robbie's cartoon, I am able to blog, write Christmas cards, I get to shower and get ready for the day.

10:30 to 12:00/ 12:30 p.m
Both babies are awake and it's the perfect time to run our errands for the day. Target, Costco, Market... This is also a good time to give Robbie a snack on the go.

12:00 ish
Lunch time for all three and mommy!
Twins each get a sippy cup of formula. Robbie gets a protein, grain and fruit. Usually cheese, lunch meat and crackers with yogurt.

1:00 p.m - 3:00 p.m
Robbie goes down for his nap until 3:00 or 3:30 p.m. This is his quiet time where he must stay in his room. If he chooses not to sleep that is fine, but he must stay in his bed and lay there quietly.
The babies nap also at this time for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. This is free time for mommy to tidy up prep dinner if needed.

3:00 p.m
Babies awake and time for a baby finger food snack or bottle.

3:30 p.m
Robbie awake and snack

3:30 to 5:00
Playtime outdoors, ( bike ride, park anything to get energy out of Robbie and the babies out for some fresh air!) A little more school time/ Robbie practices Spanish flash card words

5:00 p.m
Supper time for the twins. Usually sweet potatoes, chicken and apples etc...

5:30-6:00 p.m
Playtime get more energy out and one cartoon before dinner. Read books to babies.

6:00 p.m
Family Dinner time. Have the babies sit at the table in highchair to become familiar with mealtime.

6:45 p.m
Get bottles ready for babies

7:00 p.m
Bath time
This is the hardest part of the day, especially when Richard isn't home, because I have to get all three bathed and dressed and it gets a little chaotic!

Robbie bath first. Get Robbie in jammies and pre-occupied.
Babies bathed, diapered and dressed.

7:30 p.m
Read story do prayers for Robbie in his room with the babies. Put Robbie to bed and then put babies to bed with a bottle and cuddles.

So there you have our new plan of action which tends to get off track a little during the holidays. That's okay! We will stick to this as best we can for now and after the holidays we will really commit to following this with no interruptions for the new year!

This morning we played and played Legos for a good while and all the boys loved it!

And now it's time for the adventures of Jingle....

Day # 17

I know you all are wondering and asking the question, "What has Jingle been up to today?" Well I will tell you. This morning we woke-up and found Jingle parachuting down from the ceiling with his friend, Frosty The Snowman! Jingle was holding on to Frosty's legs for dear life!

We found this note written by Jingle...

When we looked under the tree, we found these...

Yummy Snowmen Peeps!
How sweet of Jingle and Frosty to go skydiving off of Rudolph just to bring us these peeps!

Well as the morning went on, just after breakfast, we heard a loud thud in our dining room!
We ran in and found poor Jingle lying on the floor like this!

Oh NO!!!

Robbie was pretty upset!!!

Then we realized that maybe if Jingle got some rest, then he would feel much better. Suddenly things were looking up!

We rushed him to Robbie's room where he is resting comfortably.

We will keep you all posted on his progress!

Have a great day friends!
9 more days till Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Preparing For Christmas

She's getting ready for Christmas.

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10 More Days Until Christmas!
It's Tuesday already?! Wow, the days seem to just be flying past us now. I really do feel that this year, my little family and I have truly been enjoying the Christmas season all December long. We have been cuddling in our den in the evenings and enjoying hot chocolate, ( "With marshmallows" Robbie told me to tell you!) while watching Christmas movies. We celebrate our nightly advent ritual of lighting a candle, reading a scripture and devotion and singing Christmas songs. Our days have been filled with crafts, playing in the rain, visiting Santa and preparing for Christmas ! The most important preparation for Christmas this year has taken place within our hearts.

Let's Pray - 1952 book, illustrations by Charlot Byj. | eBay 
Robbie really "gets" Christmas this year! My little man is especially interested in the story of Jesus' birth and preparing for the celebration of His arrival each night as we approach Christmas.
Budget wise, this Christmas has been our most frugal spending year yet! With a hubby as a full time law student and three little ones, we feel blessed to have each other this year. I have made most of my gifts and it has been a true homemade Christmas and I wouldn't trade it for the world! I hope each of you is taking the time this Christmas season to enjoy your loved ones.

We have a Jingle sighting...

We last blogged about Jingle on Thursday and so, we will pick up with last Friday's Jingle sighting!

Jingle Day # 12

Robbie stayed the night with Gigi and Grandpa last Friday, so Jingle made a trip to Monrovia and left Robbie this adorable Elf On The Shelf blanket. Jingle made sure Robbie was all cuddled up and Robbie has slept with this blanket every night since!

Jingle Day # 13 

On Saturday morning, that little stinker, Jingle, was coloring in a new Charlie Brown coloring book that he brought for Robbie . I guess Jingle's favorite color is blue also!
Jingle Day # 14
On Sunday morning before church, we found our Jingle kneeling by the manger.
he also left Robbie a copy of The Little Drummer Boy movie.
Jingle Day 15
Yesterday was Monday and we found our sneaky little Jingle sitting in a Solo plastic cup castle!
That little elf rummaged through our cupboards and took all of our plastic cups! Silly Jingle!
Jingle Day # 16
Well this morning we heard lots of noises in our bathroom... Robbie ran into our room and we both knew it was Jingle!
He took Daddy's shaving cream and started shaving!!
 Robbie thought this was just about the funniest thing ever!
 Jingle also left a few new Cars undies for Robbie!
 31 busy days hath December.
I found this cute little vintage list of things to do in December. Thought you might get a kick out of it!
Tis' The Season!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Tour of Homes and In A Nutshell

Happy Friday dear friends! Today's post is kind of a random collection of thoughts and photos... oh, so many photos from my phone that really have no rhyme or reason other than the fact that I would like to document the photos for myself. I also have a Jingle post for you and I'm linking up with Kelly over at KellysKornerblog.com on her Holiday Home Tour.

So let's get started with photos from my phone from this past week.

Okay, so a confession. We recently found out that my three year old, Robbie, had a cavity on one of his back molars... pause for judgment and disapproving looks from other mommy readers. Yes, I know, I was so upset to find out that my three year old had a cavity! The reality is he did and it desperately needed to be repaired. After careful consideration, our Pediatric dentist decided that Robbie's infected tooth needed to be extracted due to an abscess and the best way to do that was to use IV sedation. I was panicky all day on Wednesday as I sat and waited for my little boy to go through the 2 1/2 hour oral surgery. We were blessed, the doctor and anesthesiologist both prayed with us and put hands on Robbie before going into surgery. Well, thank you to all of the friends and family who kept us in your prayers on Wednesday! Robbie did so well, the tooth has been extracted and he is feeling great! Here are a few photos of my little baby after the surgery, still a little groggy.

Well, as you can imagine, the loss of his first tooth meant a visit from the Tooth Fairy.Wednesday night, we put Robbie's tooth under his pillow and this morning, the Tooth Fairy left a little note for Robbie explaining that because this is the first tooth Robbie has lost, she would like him to keep it. The Tooth Fairy left this fun Christmas Peppa Pig video for Robbie!

Jingle, Our Elf On The Shelf
Day # 11
Jingle must have heard about Robbie's surgery and so, our dear little elf left this tiny tube of chap stick onThursday morning. The chap stick had a picture of Jingle and came all the way from the North Pole! So exciting!!! The day of Robbie's surgery, Jingle left a little pair of red and white striped elf socks for Robbie.

Robbie wanted to stay with my parents last night at their house and so Robbie and I wrote a letter to Jingle explaining that Robbie is staying at Gigi's and Jingle should go there tonight... and so, Jingle took a little ride home in Gigi's purse. Can't wait to see what Jingle does!

Okay, next random photo from the week. I took this of Robbie the other day at Target. Just as we were about to walk into the store, we saw several police officers on horses... right in front of the store!!! Robbie thought it was the greatest thing and asked me to snap a quick photo.

We have had a few chilly days over the past week or so and we are expecting lots of rain this weekend! Any chance we get to play in the rain or enjoy a crisp morning at the park and were there!! Here are a few pictures from our park day last Thursday.

Jacob, all bundled up.

Joey, all bundled up.

The twins!

We had a great time digging for dinosaur bones in the sand!

The park this week seemed extraordinarily beautiful.

The twins had another helmet adjustment for their little noggins.
Whenever we go to (the head doctor),as Robbie calls it, the boys love to play in this little car.

Last night we took the kids on a fun little outing to our local home decorating  store, Stats, in Pasadena.

Robbie and the babies loved looking around at all of the beautiful and magical Christmas decorations.

 Our own little winter wonderland.

Well, that's our week in a nutshell!

Now for our home at Christmas...

Welcome to our home friends!
The Christensen's Camelot in Pasadena California.
Our home isn't grand, but it is good and filled with the love and joy of the five dear ones who live there. In our home, we serve the Lord and we are excited and preparing for His birth!
Come on in and stay awhile...

Sarah Christensen's photo.

I would love to have you all over for tea and enjoy fresh baked cookies and good conversation by our fireside. Since we can not be together, I invite you to fix yourself a piping hot cup of cocoa and sit back and enjoy the tour.

Inside our home you will find our three most precious gifts underneath our Christmas tree...

Robert, our three year old and our twin boys, Joseph and Jacob.
For our God is good and my family is my greatest blessing.

In the center of the Living room, you will find our Christmas Tree.

If you come to our home at Christmas time, you just might run into our little Elf friend, Jingle!
He likes to hang around and help us give to others and remember the true meaning of Christmas.

I love to decorate our mantel seasonally.

One of our sitting areas and our buffet behind it.

Our dining room, where we do Advent every night as a family.

Our manger.

The key to  Santa's house and workshop, pictured above.

Oh, and my Christmas cats sitting above my china cabinet.

We thank you for visiting and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and the happiest  of New Years!
Remember, Jesus is the reason for this wonderful season!