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Monday, March 30, 2015

Unintentional Sabbatical... But I'm Back Now!!!

Well hello there friends! Wow!!! As I logged onto my blog this afternoon, I was made aware of the fact that it has been a ridiculously looooooong time since I have shared with you all! In fact, so long that I still have a Valentine's Day background on my blog! Well friends, much has happened since we last met, (which was more than a month ago, before this little unintentional blog sabbatical of mine).

 This past weekend we have had three sick little ones! :(

 My poor little boys all have a bad cold bug, runny noses, sore throat, fever and cough. Below, is a picture of my little JoJo. Joey was up all night with a runny nose and fever...poor little man!

 Robbie spent Thursday night and Friday morning in the Emergency Room.

We took our little guy to the ER because he kept waking up coughing and finally coughed so bad he gagged and vomited. The ER doctor said Robbie has Bronchitis. The boys are resting and taking it easy this weekend.

I am an only child and because I did not grow up with siblings, I  was my parents one and only! Before having the twins, I couldn't quite picture just how each child would add their own special characteristics, qualities and strengths to our family. I love all of my babies 100 % the same, but it is so fun to watch each of them blossom and bloom as they become their own little people!
I love Robbie's determination, leadership, pure heart and cute little sense of humor. Joey is my flirt, my charmer my little persistent go get em' boy! Oh and Jacob.. dear, sweet, pure of heart, kind,
 Jacob. It has been a hard last three days with three sick small children. Jacob has been our rock! We know that he doesn't feel well. Yet, Jacob doesn't complain and makes the best of everything, always with a smile to share! I love this little man! Thank you Jacob for teaching me how to be a better person and live a life of contentment!

See how laid back my little Jacob is?

So while we are on the subject of Jacob... he fell a few weeks ago while carrying a wooden toy block and the block cut open his lip! Here is a pic of my brave little man!

Friday's are our date nights with Robbie.
Lately, Robbie has been wanting to make pizza on Friday nights!
Yummy! Nothing better than a homemade pizza!

We have been doing more school time lately... getting back into the swing of things.

We are currently working through this Brain Quest preschool workbook.

We have had lots of play to fill our days as well!

We have had an unusually warm March!
The twins were given this really cool sensory water table by our Aunt Renee and Uncle John. Such a fun way to spend the day in the sun!

Robbie was pretty disappointed because he had to miss The Palm Sunday service at Church yesterday morning. All of the preschool aged children walk up and down the aisles waving palms to celebrate Jesus our King! That's okay I told him, we will make our own little Palm Sunday  celebration... right here at home! This way we wont spread our gems.

Okay, lets go way back now and share about our Valentine's Day...
Let's see, we celebrated Valentine's Day together as a family of five!

I woke-up to these three adorable little valentines and to this letter from my big Valentine!

Oh and yes, this is how I found Jacob! haha :)

This little sweetie made a Valentine's Day book for me telling me all of the reasons why he loves me!
Thank you Gigi for helping Robbie along.

We are so excited because a few weeks ago we got our house painted! I am thrilled and I  feel like we have a nice, warm and inviting little cottage.

Here is the Before ...

After photo!
 We love it and I am so in love with my bright red front door!!!

My little buddy and Gardener helper, Robbie helped me plant colorful springtime flowers in our walkway planters.

Have I mentioned that on March 11th, these two little cuties turned one year old!!!!!!!!!!

My babies are walking and waving hello and goodbye and clapping! Oh time is moving so fast and  whenever I am exhausted as the mother of two one year olds and a three year old, I sit back and think how fast their childhood really will fly past. I must sit and savor every minute of it!

 More pictures on tomorrow's  post all about the twin's first birthday party!

Last week, I took the kiddos all by myself on the Metro Gold Line train to meet Daddy for lunch in Downtown South Pasadena! We had a ball!!
We took the kids to lunch at the famous, Fair Oaks Pharmacy in South Pasadena.
Here are two of my favorite guys enjoying their milk shakes!
Yummy!!! :)

We have had a few silly moments as well!

Well friends, we are happy to be back! Happy Monday!

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bella said...

Your three boys are just adorable! They are growing up. The letter your husband wrote is so sweet! You have a wonderful family!