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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Soccer & Steps

I love to sit down and write these weekend re-cap posts on Sunday evenings while the house is quiet and all four of my guys are fast asleep. Sundays truly have been restful and fun at our house lately. Daddy was away this entire weekend playing Marine. Robbie and I were so happy to have Aunt Becky come spend the weekend with us! Robbie was thrilled to have his Aunt Becky come play with him and I was SO eternally appreciative of all of her HELP with the children!! We had a full weekend. Our dear friends, Miss Aimee and Miss Liz, came over for a visit. I absolutely love to have these two dear, sweet ladies over for a visit! Miss Liz and Miss Aimee played with my boys for hours! Miss Liz walked and cruised with my little twins, (who these days seem to be cruising on and around every bit of furniture in our house).

While Miss Liz and Miss Aimee were visiting us, Joey took his first real few steps completely on his own and with much encouragement from Miss Liz and Miss Aimee! I am so excited, because I believe these are the first steps, ( no pun intended), to walking.  I wouldn't say JoJo is walking just yet, but he is definitely making steps in the right direction, ( there I go again. I'm so punny!)
My twinies are almost 11 months old ( adjusted age)  but because they were born six weeks early, their actual age is somewhere around 9 months... all these different dates to keep track of with twins. Confusing?... I know! I wanted to share this little video of Miss Liz and my little babies.

Soccer Days


On top of all this excitement, Robbie started his first day of Soccer on Saturday!!

We are hoping to start Robbie in AYSO ASAP, ( say that three times fast), this Fall. In the meantime, because Robbie has shown such a huge interest in Soccer. Daddy and I decided to join him in private Soccer Clinic classes for the next seven weeks. Our little guy just loves it! We have heard all about Soccer this entire weekend and Robbie has watched the following video of his first practice a thousand times!

Saturday was such a dreary and rainy day. At first, we thought the practice might get canceled.

As we sat there in the rain waiting for class to start, Robbie could hardly contain his excitement!

Finally, the coach made the call that the kids would play in the rain!
Here they are practicing their running and following directions.

Then, they were all given their own soccer balls and taught the Soccer Stand!

It eventually started to rain much too hard and the children were all called in and the practice was cut short. That was fine by Robbie, who was all smiles and soaking wet! :)

I think I am going to love being a Soccer Mama!!!

In Español

Here is another video from the weekend of my little guy practicing his Spanish vocab words.

And finally, my little twinies, just saying hello after dinner!

It was a good weekend and we missed you Daddy!!
Blessings to all and wishing you a great week.

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