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Friday, February 6, 2015

The Rhythm Of Our Days...

making muffins

Good morning friends... happy Friday!

 The picture above pretty much sums up our days lately. Our days have been full of babies, lots of cruising, finger painting and counting. Oh how we love to count. We have been counting anything and everything from Cheerios to beans to leaves and more.

 The children and I have been getting outside more often. Robbie loves to jump and run and leap. Boy oh BOY are these boys active!!! I posted this update to my Facebook status the other day and it rings SO true!

"Given that I was such a girly girl as a child, who loved to play dress-up, have tea parties and play in my mama's make-up. I am not sure that really anything or anyone could have prepared me for all of the fun, loud noises, jumping off of things, playing pirates, giggles, trucks, playing in the mud, castles, cowboys, fort building and wrestling that would be in my near future! Having three boys is a blast and a new adventure every day! All this and we haven't even left for church yet. Happy Sunday morning from The Christensen House. ... five guys ( if you count our cat ) and a lady... I'm a little out numbered, but having the time of my life!"

Jacob and big brother Robbie.

Look at those eyelashes!

Real men bake Play dough cookies with their shirts off! Nice muscles Rob!

Jacob has learned, "So Big! " .

Hi JoJo!

Robbie and Gigi baking cupcakes.

School days... learning to write the letter A.

Oh and did I mention this little bear has been visiting at our house this past week? After seeing the movie Paddington Bear, I came up with The Paddington Project. This little Paddington Bear came to our house this last week. Paddington spent the entire week with us baking cupcakes, going to the park and more. At the end of the week, he will be passed on to one of our other friend's families and begin a new adventure.. We will keep switching families for a month or more. All along his journey, each family will take pictures and document this little bear's adventures. At the end of the project, each family will receive a little picture book filled with all of Paddington's adventures! So if you are a family on our list, sit tight and check your mail for the next few weeks. Paddington is on his way to Rancho Cucamonga California tomorrow!

I love this picture above... look how happy my two boys are!
A few weeks ago, a city near us did a local Snow Day for the children in the area. We live in Sunny Southern California, so snow doesn't come too likely around these parts.
The city brought in over forty tons of snow! They had sledding and snowmen, slides and treats! Robbie LOVED it!!! Even though it was in the 70's and rather warm for January, Robbie thought it was the best day EVER!!! Here are a few pictured from our snow day in the sun.

I have been roasting a fresh, organic chicken every Sunday for Sunday Supper.
I love the way the house smells and the way our tummies feel after a warm and hearty chicken and vegetable dinner. I have such fond memories from my childhood of Sunday chicken dinners at my Grandparent's home! I hope I am making memories for my boys!

Another great part about roasting a chicken is making fresh, homemade chicken stock from scratch.
On Monday, I made chicken noodle and vegetable soup from all of the stock and left over chicken.

It was rainy on that particular Monday and I think the soup was much appreciated by all!

Rich and I are so happy, because for the past few nights I have worked really hard to schedule our days, ( the children's schedule) so that everyone is fed, bathed and fast asleep by 7:30 p.m. This has given us time for me to knit, Rich to read and best of all... SLEEP!!! Yep, Rich and I went to sleep last night by 9:00 p.m!!!!! Joey woke me up around 3:30a.m and then fell asleep by 4:30. That's fine by me. I think it really is true that one receives their best REM sleep before midnight!

We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Rich will be gone for the weekend with his Marine Reserve unit. Aunt Becky is going to stay the weekend at our house to help me with the kiddos and Robbie is so EXCITED because he is going to start Soccer on Saturday! More on that on Saturday!

Have a wonderful Friday!

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