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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Joseph & Jacob Three Months Old & 4th Of July Fun


 My twins are three months old already! I can't believe it! They will be four months old on July 11th and I figured I better hurry up and get their three month post up!

Above is a picture of Joey and Jake at three months old and below is Robbie's three month baby picture.
 Before I begin this post, I originally had both boys dressed and ready in the outfits below... but then, little Joey had a potty accident. :) So we made a wardrobe change!

Joey Is Three Months Old!
Joey, you are the cutest little bug! You smile and coo all of the time! We all just love to hear your sweet little voice and see your beautiful sweet smile. You love to giggle and swing in your Little Lamb swing. You love to be outside and you and your big brother Robbie are so cute together. You were the bigger baby at birth ( you were a whole pound bigger than Jacob), but at your three month Well Baby check-up you were a pound smaller than Jacob.
Jake Is Three Months Old !
Jacob, we love you so little man! You are the happiest baby I have ever met. You literally wake-up every morning with a huge smile and you just don't stop smiling! You giggle and coo and you are the best eater. You were a pound smaller than your brother at birth and now you are exactly one pound bigger. I look forward to watching you grow Jakie Bean!
We went to my mom and dad's house on Fourth of July. My Mom and Dad made a fabulous BBQ and we had a blast! My Mom decorated beautifully and the food was excellent! Look at these cute little Mason Jars that she decorated for us!

Above is Jake enjoying the cool breeze on a blanket in Gigi's yard. Below is a picture of Joey sitting with Daddy.

Here is a picture of Grandpa and Jake and Robbie jumping in on the picture!

 Robbie and I decorated his wagon and got it all ready to take down to the firework show in town!

 It's time to pack-up the wagon and head to the fireworks!

We're off!! Gigi stayed home with the babies. I didn't want to bring them around all of those people.
Gigi said she and the babies enjoyed the show from her backyard!

We had a perfect day enjoying our family! So thankful to be an American!
Hope your day was great!
God Bless America!

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