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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Coconut Smiles

I started out the day with a trip to Trader Joe's by myself with all three kiddos! This was the first time I have ever attempted to grocery shop with all three boys with no stroller and no Daddy. I am so sorry that I didn't have a picture to document this occasion. So here's how we did it... I had Robbie push the baby cart that Trader Joe's has for little kids to use.

 This kept him busy, controlled and helped him learn to follow me and follow directions. I then had Joey in his car seat sitting in the front of my cart  while I wore Jake in my baby sling. I felt like super mom! The thought originally terrified me, but we did it and we rocked at it! No one cried, pooped or disobeyed and I'm not mentioning names, ( cough, cough, Robbie). All three boys managed beautifully and I managed to load up our cart and Robbie's little cart with over one $ 150.00 worth of organic foods!

Speaking of eating yummy, healthy food. I bought this today and can't wait to start using it tomorrow.

I've heard that there are so many uses for Coconut Oil while cooking!
 I have been such a slacker when it comes to writing and sending our thank you notes to all of our friends and family who blessed us with yummy meals, beautiful gifts and much needed diapers when the twins were first born! We have been a little pre-occupied with babies and I hope you all understand. I had these made and just finished addressing the envelopes tonight. So check your mail soon friends and family!
Robbie helped me put the last few coats of paint on our pantry cabinet shelves.
 Such concentration!
All Smiles Around Here
For the past few weeks these two little men have been smiling up a storm!

It warms my heart to see their adorable little gummy smiles! All I can say is, "Thank you Jesus we praise you!" .

By request, here is Robbie's smiley little face!
These three boys make me feel like I am the richest woman alive!

We ended the day with a little game night with the cutest little three year old I know!

Connect Four- Robbie loves this game because I use it as a way for him to understand and practice patterns.

Sneaky Snacky Squirrel = Robbie loves this game also. It helps him practice his colors, fine motor shills and sportsmanship.

The end to another good day!

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