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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Visitors On A Saturday Afternoon

Once again, it is a little after 5:00 a.m on Sunday morning and I find myself awake and blogging. It takes a little time to feed/nurse, diaper and then settle down each baby. We try to wake-up and feed both babies at the same time. Whenever one wakes-up, we usually try to force the other baby awake to nurse or bottle feed. This way we avoid feeding one and then settling the whole house back to sleep and being awakened an hour later by the second baby. Feeding and caring for twins in the wee hours of the morning, truly is a two person job! Now that my boys have settled back to dreamland, I am a bit restless and can't sleep... so I will blog!
 My boys seem to be very popular these days. We have been so richly rewarded with the company of good friends and family these first few weeks of the boy's lives!
 Good friends and family truly are a blessing!
Today, the twins had several guests pay them a visit. Our good friends, Liz and Aimee came over in the afternoon and showered us with gifts!

Aimee, Liz and Aimee's two adorable children graciously gave Joey and Jake this wonderful diaper bag from the company Thirty One ! I love the cute little saying on the front!! They filled the bag with tons of diapers, matching outfits, soap, lotion, wipes and so much more! They also gave Robbie a set of great Disney Cd's to listen to in the car. To top it all off, they brought two restaurant gift cards for Rich and me.
Here are some of the receiving blankets from Aimee.
Grandpa Ken and Grandma Carla came by for a visit as well!

It was so nice to watch them hold both babies! They also brought us loads of diapers and baby clothes! Thank you so much!
 In Other News...

I purchased this twin Snap and Go Car seat stroller for the twins on Amazon the other day. Today it arrived! I LOVE it and just know it will make life so much easier on us!!

The boys had their first official, real bath on Friday! Below is a comparison photo of all three of my boys at around one month old during their first baths.


Big Brother Robbie helping with the bath .
The twins had their 2 week/ 3 week Well Baby Check-Up on Friday. Joseph now weighs 7 lbs. 13 oz. and Jacob weighs 7 lbs. 2.5 oz! Both of them were 20.5 inches long and the Doc says they look like strong healthy boys!
 That's all for today friends!

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