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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sleepless Night Thoughts From A Weary Mama

Have you heard this saying before? Wow... does this ring true for me this week! I am exhausted!!! I'm really not a coffee drinker at all. On occasion, I will enjoy a coffee from Starbucks. Boy oh boy do I need something to keep me awake these days! We have had a few sleepless nights around here lately. In fact, I am up now blogging at 3:45 in the morning  because I am now just too wide awake to fall back to sleep. My blog could easily be re-titled, The late night thoughts of a weary mama. :)
 I'm not blaming anyone or naming names, but our lack of sleep might have a little something to do with these two little cuties...
Here is a picture from our morning mat time. Tummy time and mat time with big brother is a blast. :)
Getting Back To Routine
We are making time for each other as we slowly get back into our routine.

We took Robbie to the park yesterday and as always he had the best time just running around, climbing and being a boy!
I never seem to be caught up with laundry these days!
 Oh my goodness... laundry is a FULL TIME JOB with two babies, a toddler and one hubby!!!
 The pile of baby laundry above is just from the last twenty four hours!!! I guess this is why I have been wearing Yoga pants and a comfy shirt for days now. :)
Good Friends
 A Visit From The Rose Family
Have I mentioned before how blessed Rich and I have been with such truly wonderful family and friends? We have some of the best friends a family could ask for!
Vanessa and her boys holding our little Jacob. They have a Jacob as well!
Last night, my dear friend Vanessa and her sweet family came by with a wonderful dinner for The Christensen Five! Vanessa and I met in high school and have been friends ever since. Vanessa also introduced me to Rich during our senior year of high school. :) Robbie had the best time romping around with the Rose boys! The boys all played hide and seek and tag in our front yard! When they left, during bath time, Robbie commented, " Mommy, wasn't that so nice of our new friends to come over and visit?" I smiled and said, " yes, it was!" We now live only two miles from the Rose family.
 I can't wait to enjoy many more play dates! Vanessa was so kind to think of us and bring dinner. Vanessa brought a delicious chicken soup with warm crusty bread and fresh cold fruit!
So yummy and healthy too!
While the boys played and Vanessa's kind and patient husband, (Jeremy) played with the boys. Vanessa and I chatted about motherhood, ministry and life. Vanessa's husband is a music and worship pastor at one of the big local churches in Pasadena. A few years back, Jeremy performed Robbie's Baby Dedication ceremony.
Below is a photo of Jeremy, Vanessa and our boys who are only a month apart.
Vanessa shared the name of a book with me called; "Parenting In The Pew" by Robbie Castleman
Last night, as soon as all of my boys were in bed, and I knew I had a three hour window of time before the twins would be awake for their next feeding. I purchased this book on my Kindle. I am loving it and just can't seem to put it down!
If you are interested, here is a short review of the book.
... Reviewed by Susan E. Richardson
Why do you go to church on Sunday morning? What do you expect your children to receive from worship? How did you learn to worship? Perhaps your parents only taught you to be good and be quiet as their parents taught them. Robbie Castleman’s book Parenting in the Pew will help you answer these questions so you can begin teaching your children how to worship.
Castleman shows that entering into worship is something children can learn, growing in their understanding as they mature. She includes suggestions on preparing before Sunday, both physically and spiritually. Home preparation is the key to a worshipful Sunday. She then gives age specific guidance for approaching issues like proper dress and money for the offering.
Once at church, parents begin the process of helping children pay attention to what is happening during the service. Again, the author offers practical tips for guiding children at various ages into being involved. She also addresses the question of children with challenges like hyperactivity.
Having established the basis, Castleman discusses the elements of a worship service one at a time with comments on how different ages can participate and how this may look in churches with varying worship styles. Discussion and reflection questions complete the book.
Castleman offers a beautiful vision of what worship can be like for both parents and children. In short, as the author says, worship for parents can become a process of saying, “Daddy, I’d like you to meet my children.” Highly recommended.
We love you Rose Family and thank you for your friendship and wisdom!
Well friends, I am going to try and get a few hours of sleep, here are my two little ones this evening all ready for bed! :)


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