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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Date Night With The Three Amigos

Well it is 5:00 a.m on Saturday morning and my little Joey has been up for the past hour or so feeding, cooing and just looking around... did I mention that I have changed three diapers and two outfits since he has been awake? ha ha... well I am trying to stay awake by blogging because I know that just as I lay down to go back to sleep, little brother Jake will be up and ready to eat. Thus starting the whole process over again. Ahh, life with twins! :)
Since having the twins, Rich and I have started taking Robbie out once a week, (on Friday evenings) on his very own special date night. Robbie loves this special time alone with just mommy and daddy each week! We love the time together with our little man.

 When Friday comes around, we give Robbie the choice of where he would like to go for his date night. We have been offering him choices like going to the pet store to look at all of the animals followed by dinner at one of his favorite spots like Chick-fil- A or Sonic. One of his absolute favorite things to do it to ride the amazing two story carousel at our local mall! For tonight's date night, Robbie chose to go ride the carousel at the mall...

 Robbie loves to ride in the spinning tea cup. It gets mommy pretty dizzy!

 Sorry for the poor picture quality, I took these with my phone while being spun around in a tea cup by a very excited two year old and a silly Daddy!


After our spinning fun on the carousel, Robbie decided he wanted to go to the Disney store to look at all of the fun toys!

We told him he could choose one small item to buy and take home. He chose a pretend camera from the movie Cars. :)

After the Disney store, it was time to get our milkshake! So we made a quick stop to the Dairy Queen before picking-up dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. Yep... a milk shake before dinner, because why not? It's FRIDAY!!!

I love this little man so much! Yummy strawberry milkshakes!

Gigi, Grandpa and Aunt Becky stayed at home tonight to babysit the twins. We decided to bring back dinner to thank them. We went to Clearman's Galley, also know to the locals around here as,
 "The Boat"! They have the BEST Blue Cheese salad and cheese bread!!! :) Yum!

The end to another great Friday night date night with my two wonderful guys! We will see where we end up next week! :)
Happy Saturday!


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