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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sweet Peas & Snapdragons

Sweet Peas
Yesterday, my best friend Summer and her dear mama, Judy came over to visit the babies and to celebrate my birthday. Summer is the best Auntie and the closest I will ever have to a sister. Summer and Judy came to visit the twins about a week after they were born and so generously brought us dinner and gifts. Last night, on their second visit, Summer brought a birthday dinner along with a birthday present for me. My whole family loves it when Auntie Summer and Auntie Judy come to visit. Judy baked a scrumptious fruit tart! Robbie adores them both and I love their company, stories and of course, their wonderful cooking and baking!
During our visit, I was telling Summer that I was planning to take some photos of the boys in these adorable little knit pea pods which Auntie Judy had made for them! In Fact, I have been planning on dressing the boys in these adorable little pea pods, snapping their photos and using it for their birth announcements! Summer grabbed her camera and said; "Let's do it tonight! " So there we were, all four of us, (Judy, Summer, my mom and me) cooing and smiling and trying to keep these babies happy while Summer worked her magic behind the camera!
Mr. Jacob was not as cooperative during his photo shoot as Mr. Joseph!
As you can tell from the following photos...
... Joey loved it!!
Jake, (as pictured on the left)...

... Not so much! :)

In the end, Summer was so patient and diligent and we got several wonderful pictures! Thank you Auntie Summer!
and Judy, the knitted pea pods are a wonderful, beautiful and useful gift!
Snapdragons & Such
I told Rich and Robbie that I wanted to plant flowers in our front yard for my birthday. We are planning to paint our house next weekend and Rich and my dad have been sand blasting the old paint and stucco off of the front of the house.

 I decided the house needed a little springtime fix me up! A few flowers to make it bright and cheery for Easter.
My Mom and Robbie said they would help by planting the flowers, ( Since I am still recovering from my C-section and probably shouldn't be bending).
It was the most glorious day! Look at God's beauty!!!

Robbie had the best time  running, planting and playing with his dump truck!

 I must admit, I love our new neighborhood!!! The streets are lined with old, well established oak trees. Squirrels run free and blue jays sing their happy tune! I mean honestly, it's like stepping back in time and living in an episode of "Leave It To Beaver".
 Robbie and Grandpa took some time out from planting and painting to stop and watch the clouds go by. They laid there calling out shapes and sizes and different objects they thought the clouds resembled.
I leave you today with this picture that just cracks me up!
I had just fed Jacob, pictured below in his bouncy, when I walked back in the room, Robbie had this look on his face... the, " I didn't do it face".. hmm, got my eye on you little man. ;) ha!
Have a wonderful day friends!

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Summer said...

Oh my gosh, we had so much fun!! Your boys are just precious, I'm so glad the pictures came out! I've been looking at them all day haha :) I'm one proud Auntie! The flowers look beautiful out there! Good job GiGi and Robbie!