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Sunday, January 19, 2014

This One's For My Boys

 I find myself reminiscing and looking through old family photos on this beautiful, bright Sunday morning. 

After looking through my Grandpa Robert's old war photos from Japan and Korea and his days in the military, I am inspired to write a post on this wonderful man; my son's namesake. 
A week or so ago, I wrote a post all about Motherhood and my Grandma Vera... 
...well now it is Grandpa's turn.

On Friday, my Uncle Michael, ( my mom's brother) had a serious knee surgery. I spoke with Uncle Michael after his surgery. We spoke about his health, his family and my pregnancy with these twin boys. Somewhere in the conversation, we got to talking about how proud and excited Grandpa Robert would be to have all of these great grandsons.
Below is a picture of all of my Grandpa's grandchildren, great grandchildren 
and two more great grandsons on their way! :) 

 My Grandpa never lived to see a grandson. He had four granddaughters whom he met and two great granddaughters whom he never met; and now, with my three boys and my cousin's adorable little boy, Grandpa Robert would have four great grandsons. I am sure he would have loved to take them camping, and putter around in his wood working shop with them. He would teach them the art of grape growing. 

My cup runneth over with so many precious memories of this dear man. So, this post is for you my darlings: Robert, Joseph and Jacob. Let me introduce to you, your dear great grandfather, Robert!

My Grandpa Robert is my mother's father. He was like my second father. 
Grandpa Robert was a Godly, intelligent, strong, whole-hearted, sincere, humble, gentile, kind and hard working man. He would give you the shirt off of his back. 

He loved America and was so proud to serve his country. We loved to watch history shows on PBS and read together. 

My Grandpa Robert came from good stock. He had humble, Godly parents who came to our great country from Mexico to start a better life for their family in "Beautiful America". The story of my Grandfather's family and their humble beginnings is truly the American Dream. From migrant work to owning a Ma & Pa market and a small movie theater, America so generously offered opportunity to hard working immigrants!

My Grandpa Robert put pictures in his wallet of his wife, parents and brothers. While in Japan on deployment, he had a Japanese artist draw these pictures of his family onto rice paper.
This first drawing is of Grandma Cleo and Grandpa Antonio.

Below is the drawing he had made of his brothers who served in the military.

Grandpa would always tell stories of how proud his mother and father were, to live in America. 
Grandma Cleo, ( Grandpa's Mother) and Grandpa Antonio, (Grandpa's Father) sought after God in building their marriage and children's lives. Together, my Great grandparents were gifted with nine boys and five girls. One girl and one boy died during childhood. Fourteen children! Three children would be a piece of cake to my great grandmother.


I wish my Great Grandma Cleo were here to teach me the ropes of raising boys! I'm sure she would have many stories, experiences and wisdom to share! 
Below is a picture of my Grandpa with his four brothers who served in the military branches of; The Marines, The Air Force, Army and for a short while The Merchant Marines. 

Then there was dear Uncle Serenio, who all of the family called Galiga. 

Precious, Uncle "Galiga" was very sad because he could not go to war for his country. Grandpa said he was very sad that he wasn't allowed to make his sacraments at church, or join the armed forces. He had a speech impediment. Story has it, that he and great grandma Cleo made up their own sign language. He was loving and kind. Mom said he loved airplanes, children, and God. She loved him very much! My grandpa Robert said that , Galiga's life made grandpa learn the fruits of the spirit, and that Galiga also gave them to all who knew him!....Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Goodness, Kindness, Gentleness, Faithfulness and self-control.

 My Grandpa had two older brothers, Manuel and Jesse were already married with families and did not serve in the military. They too, were wonderful men.

During his retirement years, my grandpa became interested in growing and grafting grapes. He was always tending to them. Whenever I see the movie, "A Walk in the Clouds" It reminds me so much of him!
After my grandpa died, my mom wrote a poem about him. I want to share it:

Daddy's Grapes

Taken for granted, unappreciated as grapes, the raisins have withered
Shriveled and darkened some
Grapes and raisins, kissed by the sun!
An old person was once a grape, but now a raisin, wrinkled and late
Inside, the elderly are still sweet
Each has a story he'd like to repeat
Don't underestimate the power of a grape
Grapes! they remind me of my crystal Rosary beads that I once prayed
Clusters full of penance for the sins I made
They remind me of my family; good and ripe!
Each shaped differently, with blood juices, honest and strong!
Like whole notes that play in a rich, soothing song!
As children,  we plucked them with mouths agape
Now, Daddy grows them on wire frames
And on the white gate
When I savor confections; juice, wine or jam,
I think of Daddy, a sweet, kind man
They are so romantic; fresh, sweet and plump!
I will dream of the arbors that Daddy made
I will dream of my senses and think of the memories
The intenseness of childhood that gave us shade
Oh, the accolade!
Sweet grape-flavored childhood, like ovaries waiting to produce
Untouched, unprejudiced; no chemicals here!
Just free flowing vines
So dear!

After reading her Bible, just shortly after grandpa passed. My mother read this scripture: John: chapter 15, verses 1-5 :
" I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth  in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do no thing."

God gives us family. He is the first father and He will be our last father. In the interim of time, we are blessed with those God has chosen to place us with for His purpose and fruit!

 Me, at three years old, getting away with pulling grandma's necklace.

 My grandma Vera made her own wedding gown by hand.  My grandparents were Catholic and got married during advent, just days before Grandpa went to war. Their Monsignor got special permission for them to be married because marriages weren't typically performed during Advent at that time. December 16, 1951.

This photo was taken shortly before my grandparents died. 
You never realize how valuable, a picture taken on an ordinary day; might become your most treasured memory! 

I love you Grandpa Robert. I will never forget you, and I will always try to live to make my small world, a little better!


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