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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Come And Take A Picture Walk With Me

Did you all enjoy the nice long weekend? My husband spent his weekend painting our kitchen with my dad. Robbie got lots of play time in with Gigi. They had the best time playing with his dump trucks in the backyard, and I read and watched probably way too much t.v.

 I am growing by the day now, and feeling a little more uncomfortable as each day passes.
 I am now 29 weeks and 3 days into the pregnancy. I am on day 42 of bed rest!

Everyday Magnet: Don't Count the Days

 Thank God these little guys are still going strong! We have a little less than five weeks for me to make it to the 34 week mark of the pregnancy, ( Our Safe Zone). I am quite excited, because on Sunday I will hit the 30 week mark in my pregnancy. Making it to 30 weeks was a milestone goal I had set for myself weeks ago, when first put on bed rest.  We are taking it one day at a time. Have you heard of the song, "One Day At A Time Sweet Jesus"? Well this is a song I keep on repeat in my mind and in my heart.

Let's Take A Picture Walk ...

mary engelbreit

... I ordered a few cute little books for Robbie on Amazon a few days ago. Yesterday, we received them in the mail. Robbie was so excited to read the books, that I read this one with him right after breakfast.

I am trying to find and read, (to Robbie) every book I can get my hands on that is about bringing home a new baby, becoming a big brother, or twins. Believe it or not, it is really hard to find a book about becoming the big brother of twins. I can't find a thing! 
I also ordered this book, which we were saving as a special treat to read before bed last night.  

I usually read a few books throughout the day to Robbie. Between Gigi, Daddy, Grandpa and Mommy.. this little guy is read to quite often!

 I love reading with my little cuddle bug! Lately, he has been so very interested in listening to longer stories! I love this time, we cuddle-up in bed together, get nice and cozy as he snuggles in under my arm and enjoys the story for that day! :)

Book Anatomy

Mary Engelbreit - winter reading
 I am in the process of teaching "Book Anatomy" to Robbie. Book Anatomy is something that you can start practicing and identifying with your child as soon as they show interest in reading. Book Anatomy includes such things as; locating the title of the book, the author, the illustrator and all of the elements inside and outside of the book.

With a 2 1/2 year old, I keep this very basic. We started off by identifying the front cover and backside of a book. Then, we moved onto identifying the title and author of the book. We now play little games before we read a book together. First, I ask Robbie to point to the front cover of the book, then I ask him to point to the title of the book as I read the title to him... you get the picture.

We also do a "Picture Walk" through the book before we actually read the book! When I was teaching, I always made sure to first conduct a picture walk with my students before actually reading the book. Picture Walks help eliminate the small child from trying to skip ahead in the book and look at the pictures. Picture Walks also promote, thinking skills, prediction, guessing and interest in the actual story being read.
It doesn't take much to engage a child with a book, just discipline on you, the parents part and diligence to stick with it. At this early toddler/Pre-school stage of life, you as the parent are setting the foundation for your child to become a lifelong reader. When you read to a small child, you are doing so much more than just communicating a story. You are teaching your children how to use their imagination, how to understand different emotions and characters and much more. There are many ways to promote reading for young children. Here is the process of taking a Picture Walk...

1. Select Quality Books
Always choose books for your children that have interesting and simple illustrations that capture and engage the child's attention. Illustrations that will promote conversation about what is happening on each page of the book.

2. Start With The Cover 
Always start your picture walk by discussing the cover of the book with your child. Use the illustrations on the cover to discuss and predict what the book might be about. While exploring the cover of the book, use language like,"cover" and "spine" to familiarize your child with the parts of the book.

3. Take A Picture Walk 
A picture walk is simply this; take a moment to go through each of the pages in the book with your child before reading it aloud with the child. Use the illustrations to determine what is happening on each page of the book. One goal of a picture walk is to help children draw and make connections between the words on the page and the illustrations they see on the page.

As your child becomes familiar with the book, they will use the books illustrations to help them recall the information on each page of the book. Another goal of a picture walk is to help your young child gain meaning from the pages of the book. As your child looks through the book, he or she begins to make predictions, come up with what they think is happening on each page of the book and build their reading comprehension skills. A picture walk allows children to realize that reading a book goes far beyond the words on a page... instead a book has meaning, actions, adventure and characters that they will grow to love. After you do a picture walk with your child and then read the book to them you will want to keep the book accessible to your child. This allows him or her to go back and re-tell the story through their own picture walk. You will love to hear their version! :)

Don't forget, it is never too early to start doing picture walks with your little one!

Speaking of reading, Robbie received this fun Lego Build & Read book for Christmas.
 We made is this morning and it was a big hit!

That's all for today, I have my big 30 week baby scan tomorrow. Please continue praying friends! Thank you again for all of your e-mails and encouragement. :) 

Happy Reading Everyone!

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