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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Happy Sixth Birthday Angelica !

I wanted to get this post up tonight, even though this adorable little girl's birthday isn't until tomorrow.
I want to be sure to wish a ... 

 ... Happy 6th Birthday to 
little Miss Angelica!!! 
You are one of the kindest and dearest little girls I know! I can remember the day you were born and how excited EVERYONE  was to finally meet this little Angel they had all waited so long to see. Your MeMa was over at my house for a visit when she got the call that your Mommy was ready to have you. 
I was planning my wedding and your MeMa was excited for me. 
You are her very first grandchild and she was so excited!
Your grandpa was very ill during this time. God sent you to bring joy, happiness and cheer to your family, and you certainly have done this!

You are an old soul, Angelica. This means that you are aware of things way past your age number. You are a very good listener. You are most observant, and you are kind!

My little boy, Robbie loves you very much! Every time we are with you, you see that everyone plays fairly and you see to everyone's needs. I don't trust many people with Robbie, but you, dear girl, are very mature and I trust you.

I cannot believe that you are six years old ALREADY!

I love your femininity, your good grades, and the fact that you love the color pink!
We cannot see you to wish you a Happy Birthday in person, so I decided to write about you on this page. I have heard you read before, so I know you will try and read this. Mommy will help you, I am sure.
I send you kisses and hugs, and wishes for a good future. Mostly, I pray that God will guide all your ways and that you will walk with Him!
Oh, and please tell your brother Christian that he is also very special, because he looks exactly like your grandpa and he is the very first grandson!

We love you Angelica and we wish you a very HAPPY 6th Birthday!!! 



Making the most of each day said...

Happy Birthday Angelica!
I wish you a happy heart and all of God's blessings. Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Robin. Thank you Sarah. I love you.
Love, Angelica