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We are honored to be serving our country and ask for prayer in our upcoming adventures. We have been blessed tremendously, and thank God everyday for all he has given us!




Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Happenings

Happy Friday! What are you doing this weekend? I am CRAVING a steak like mad!! Which is funny, because I really don't eat red fact, I don't think I have ever ordered a steak. I can remember we had Filet Mignon at our wedding and I had a bite or two, but I have never sat down and enjoyed a steak dinner. Well, tonight is the night.
 My husband just came home with this for dinner... minus the shrimp.
Twin Update ...
...  I'm betting it's those bouncing baby boys who are causing this mama to crave protein. Speaking of my two little buns in the oven, I have another praise report! Yesterday, was my two week check-up with the Perinatologist. Every two weeks the Perinatologist conducts an ultrasound to check my cervical length! Well, good news... since my last check-up my cervical length has stayed the same at 2.0 cm!!! This is GREAT news, because it means God is continuing to keep these baby boys safe and sound, cooking like they should! I know it is completely God and we praise Him for another good report! Rich held my hand during the ultrasound and as soon as we received the good news, he squeezed my hand and gave me a big smile and said; "we made it another two weeks babe." What a relief! I am still on bed rest and probably will be for the remainder of my pregnancy. I would do anything for these babies and so the simple task of bed rest is not a lot to ask.
The babies looked fabulous! Jake weighed in at 2 lbs 1oz and Joey weighed in at 2 lbs 2 oz. The doctor said these were great weights for a singleton pregnancy and for twins it is outstanding! We were also able to see the babies through another 4D ultrasound. Jake showed off and gave us a little show and allowed us to see his face. Joey turned his little back towards the camera and so, we didn't get to see that precious little face. Hopefully next time. Both babies were breach a few weeks ago and now both babies are transverse, which means head down. Thank you friends for your continued, faithful prayers! Please keep them coming our way. It is crucial that I keep these babies in at least another 6 weeks, but 9 weeks would be ideal!
Jesus is in control and we have given this all over to Him!
Sending Our Christmas Thank You Notes
I ordered our New Year's/ Christmas Thank You cards the day after Christmas. Yesterday, we received them in the mail. I spent the evening writing out thank you notes and I am proud to say they are all finished and ready to be dropped in the mail!
A Visit With Aimee, Angelica & Christian
Today, my friend Aimee came over for a visit with her adorable little ones! Robbie was thrilled to have Christian and Angelica over! Robbie missed his nap yesterday and today and so he was a little over excited to have company over! :) All morning he asked, " When are Christian and Angelica coming over?" Aimee and her little sweeties brought over Christmas gifts for us!  :)
Aimee was the first person to bring diapers for the twins! Bless you Aimee, I was just reading an article in a parenting magazine; twin babies go through an average of 10 to 12 diapers each twin, per day. So if my second grade teacher math skills are correct, that is at least 20 diapers a day for both twins, which adds up to at minimum of 140 diapers a week and about 560 diapers a month!!!!!!! That's A LOT of diapers!!!! So thank you, Aimee you gave us the best gift!!! :)

The children had fun exchanging gifts and playing truck, cars and trains on the carpet.

Christian is exactly a year older than Robbie, so he is 3 1/2yrs. old, and such a well behaved young man!
Aimee, Christian and Angelica gave Robbie this really cute Jake and The Neverland Pirates puzzle.
This was a HUGE hit with my little guy!
While my mom prepared a nice lunch for us, Aimee gathered the kids together and helped them put together the puzzle. I have to say, Aimee has the patience of Job!!! I really need to work on my I was taking mental notes today while watching Aimee diligently work with the kids on their puzzle making skills.

TaDa!!! The puzzle is all finished!

After lunch, Gigi told the kiddos a story about Andy Ant. Gigi is always cuddling with Robbie and making-up fun stories that he just loves!
The Fuentes bunch also brought us delicious toffee brittle!
Yum!! Just look how much Robbie loved his!

 Aimee told me about a book her Mom gave her for Christmas. Aimee said she loved the book so much, that she finished the book within the week! Here is the book;

So of course . . . I downloaded the book onto my Kindle and have started reading it this afternoon. Guess what??? I am hooked! Thanks Liz and Aimee for the suggestion! Every time I am with Aimee or Liz, I walk away with so much knowledge!
Speaking of Downton Abbey... guess what starts up again this Sunday night?
Yep!!! Downton Abbey Season 4 !!!!!
I am so excited that I can hardly stand it!! You can bet I will be watching with my cup of tea and perhaps a hat! :) In fact, my husband missed last season while deployed. I think this might just call for a Downton Abbey marathon over the next 24 hours!
Crochet Socks
My Mom and I have been searching for a good crochet sock pattern. In my search, I stumbled upon this pattern yesterday. I believe I will give it a go this weekend!  :)
Basic Crocheted Socks |
Well, I'm off to bed to snuggle-up with my new book!


bella said...

I will continue to pray for you. So happy you are doing so well!

Anonymous said...

Dear Bella, I am Robin, Sarah's mother. I thank you for your prayers. I lost a baby boy at 6 1/2 months. I have since learned to value prayer above all else. So, when you offer prayer to my daughter, I am humbly and eternally grateful to you. Though I don,t know your acquaintance, It seems we are sisters in Christ. I want you to know; that you too, Bella, will be prayed for in my 2014 prayer journal. Happy, blessed New Year!