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Monday, December 30, 2013

Wrapping - Up Christmas


The Last Few Days Of  Jingle's Visit At Our House ...
 Well friends... Christmas day was Jingle's last day with us for the 2013 Christmas season. Our 25 days with Mr. Jingle went by so fast, we had lots
 of fun and made many memories! I did not blog about our last four days with Jingle. So, here we go...

... The Sunday before Christmas, we found Jingle sneaking in a few sips of chocolate milk in Robbie's new Mickey Mouse cup. ( The cup that Auntie Summer gave to Robbie!).  
Silly Jingle... he always makes us laugh!

 Jingle also left a special treat for Robbie to enjoy!

 The Monday before Christmas, Jingle left a fun little raccoon for Robbie. One of Robbie's favorite things to do is to watch dancing squirrel and raccoon videos with Gigi on YouTube!
This little raccoon is a reminder of one of the YouTube videos that Robbie loves. In the video, a raccoon steals cat food from a group of kitty cats!
 Robbie adores this little raccoon and has been carrying it around with him for the past week.

On Christmas Eve morning, we found Jingle looking into a beautiful little snow globe of the North Pole! The snow globe has a tiny Santa that flies around the snow globe in his sleigh.  Robbie loves snow globes and Jingle must have remembered... such a nice surprise for Robbie.

Christmas day was Jingle's last day with us until the next Christmas season. On Christmas Eve, Robbie gave Jingle back the key to Santa's house and  toy workshop. Jingle must have given the key to Santa, because on Christmas morning... this is what Jingle and Santa brought back for Robbie!

We truly loved having Jingle as a part of our family during the month of December! We said our goodbyes to him on Christmas night, but we are hopeful and looking forward to seeing him next December! Goodbye friend, see you next year.

Happy Birthday Jesus

Today, I wanted to make a special note about our happy birthday Jesus cupcake. This by far is my favorite part of Christmas day!  Earlier in the month, I had written about starting a tradition in our house to make a birthday cake for Jesus and sing happy birthday to him on Christmas.

Well, due to bed rest and my inability to stand or make and decorate a cake this year... we made a happy birthday cupcake instead! Thank you Gigi,  for taking the time to make cupcakes with Robbie!
We love you Jesus! Happy Birthday!
25 Nights of Family Christmas Movies
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 We finished-up our 25 nights of family Christmas movies. Here are all 25 nights.

Thank you for following along with us during the Christmas season!
I am looking forward to the new year and all that 2014 will bring! 

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