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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday At Home

Well, four days of bed rest down and behind me! I was told that for every one day of bed rest completed, that is two less days a baby will have to stay in the NICU if born early. I am 24 weeks into the pregnancy tomorrow and moving right along! I thank the Lord each night for another day that my precious baby boys are still cooking !!!

I also have a great little doctor who watches after the babies and me everyday while singing the "Time for your check-up song from Doc McStuffins."
Thank you for all of your prayers, comments, e-mails and phone calls! They mean so much to me!

A Christmas Tree For Mommy
Last night, GiGi let Robbie decorate a little Christmas tree that was in my bedroom every Christmas throughout my childhood. My Aunt Becky helped Robbie place each tiny ornament on the Christmas tree with care. My sweet little one knows that I am on bed rest and that I really can not leave my bedroom to sit and admire the beautifully decorated big Christmas tree in the living room.
So, as soon as Robbie finished decorating his little tree, he wanted to bring it into my bedroom so I could enjoy the beautiful little twinkle lights and ornaments with him! He said; "This make you happy Mommy?" I just love him so much!
After the little tree was all decorated, (while I visited in my room with Aunt Becky), Robbie and GiGi made S'mores for us all! Robbie turned on the Christmas radio station in my room and danced and sang for me! GiGi made a wonderful spaghetti and meatball dinner and it was the perfect ending to my day!  Dinner, decorations and a show! Rich and Bompa were there also and as I looked around with my family gathered around my bed eating and laughing, I felt so truly blessed! :)
The new carpet in our family room was installed yesterday, and after dinner, Gigi, Bompa, Rich and Robbie all went over to our house to see it. Robbie fell asleep and they made him a little bed in our living room while they discussed paint colors.  :)
Christmas Cards ...
Is it just me, or does it seem like people,
 ( myself included )
 no longer send handwritten Christmas cards?
The last few years we have always typed up a Christmas letter with a photo or sent a photo card. This year, (because of the time I have had while on bed rest), I sent handwritten cards. I felt that a little note to each person really gave each Christmas card a personal touch!
Earlier this week, we took our Christmas picture. This is our 2013 Christmas photo.
So to all of my bloggy world friends and loved ones who's addresses I do not have, this is for you!
Our picture featured all of our boots...Rich's combat boots, (that he deployed with) , my signature red boots,  Robbie's Woody boots from the movie, "Toy Story", along with two new boots for Jake and Joey! Robbie chose their boots last week one day while shopping!
Even Jingle made it into our Christmas photo this year!!! :) That sneaky little elf !
Above are pictures of the two different cards we sent out this year.
Below is a picture of the inside of our card.

 This morning, I laid in bed and wrote and addressed all of our Christmas cards!

Later, Rich and Robbie took a trip to the post office to mail them out for me. So check... one thing done !
It's Snowing In Monrovia

Every Christmas, one of the local churches in our community brings snow for sledding and playing to our local library park.
This morning, Rich took Robbie to the park to play and Robbie came back so excited because he was able to throw three snowballs!!!
I just love Monrovia at Christmas time!
At Christmas time, the main street in town is all light up and a large snowman is there to greet you as you enter the downtown area!

Monrovia is so quaint and charming!

Special Delivery
 Robbie received two new little friends in the mail this morning from a certain elf Auntie!

Two little Cabbage Patch twin baby brothers... just like Joey and Jake !

Robbie decided to place them on our tree.
What Has Jingle Gotten Himself  Into Today ?
This morning, Jingle left a darling little Annalee Christmas Rudolph Reindeer toy for Robbie!
One of the Santa's from Gigi's collection was holding Rudolph with a note telling us to place Rudolph on the Christmas tree.

 Gigi and Robbie went right to work to follow Santa's instructions to decorate the tree.
We will see what that impish little elf does tomorrow!
25 Nights of Family Christmas Movies
 STAY TUNED!  The World Premiere of Everything Twas is TOMORROW! Monday, November 25th!!  Subscribe on YouTube NOW!!

Last night, Robbie and I cuddled-up in bed and watched Curious George, A Very Monkey Christmas!
We had so much fun watching while we ate our s'mores!!

Before I leave you for the night, I wanted to share one of the pictures Robbie took with my Camera this morning. While decorating with Gigi, Robbie got hold of my camera and took this beautiful picture all by himself! Not bad for a two year old! :)

Well I'm going to go enjoy some knitting time!

Blessings to you during this beautiful time of year!
Always remember, Jesus is the reason for this wonderful season!!!


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