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Monday, December 16, 2013

A lovely Sunday

A Lovely Sunday Surprise

 God Bless my Mother and Father In-law! Tonight my husbands parents surprised me with a delicious dinner and a basket full of goodies! They walked into the house like Santa, carrying a big beautiful basket full of wonderful surprises to cheer me up and keep me busy while on bed rest! Carla made a DELICIOUS dinner for my whole family...chicken enchiladas, Spanish rice, corn pudding and a scrumptious Christmas Berry tart!!!

The basket included soft and precious baby yarn, a wonderful crochet pattern book, cookies, fruit a Christmas tree and an Amazon Kindle Fire HD !!!

Thank you, I will have my bed rest in style now!!!! :)

Thank you Ken and Carla, I know all the effort you put into preparing this special treat for me! You both lifted my spirit! I enjoyed chatting and spending time with you both and Robbie really enjoyed his time with you while looking at Christmas lights with you and Daddy!

Bed Rest With A Toddler

We have been getting into our routine of Mommy is on bed rest, and my little man is such a trooper!
Although my Mom has been awesome at picking-up and continuing homeschool lessons with Robbie... I still really want to be involved and feel like I am part of his learning process.
I really love homeschooling this little guy. I can see him making progress every day and it is so rewarding!
Robbie knows:
 All of his colors.
 He can count to 20 and not just by memorization, he understands the concept of counting objects.
He knows the following shapes; square, triangle, circle, rectangle, oval, diamond, octagon, pentagon, heart, star and moon.
He knows how to sing his ABC's and we continue to work on letter recognition, which he is picking-up on daily.

I will admit, during the first day or two of bed rest, my sweet little toddler probably watched far more cartoons than I would normally allow. 
If you have toddlers or preschool age children in the house, then you will love this fun and educational DVD ! This DVD is geared for children ages two to five but a late bloomer would love watching this as well.  The DVD runs for a short 37 minutes which kept my little active 2 1/2 year old focused, because it didn’t last too long.  The animation is adorable and top quality, like all Leap Frog products. We are new to the world of Leap Frog DVD's and just happened to stumble upon this one while searching Netflix this morning for a letter recognition and sounds video. I wanted something that would be interactive.
Check out more Leap Frog products, they make great stocking stuffers!!!

Stocking Stuffers

Speaking of stocking stuffers we now officially have 10 days until Christmas! I am unable to go out in public and shop... thank you Amazon and on-line shopping!
If you have a toddler, here are a few fun stocking stuffer ideas!
Toddler stocking stuffers

Where Was Jingle Today ?

This morning, we found our funny little Elf, Jingle, sitting next to the Christmas tree with an adorable little pad of paper, waiting for Robbie.

This is the note and the little pad of paper Jingle left.

 Robbie was excited to use the paper to practice his newly learned cutting skills!
Oh and did I mention Jingle was wearing a Santa suit today?

25 Nights of Family Christmas Movies

STAY TUNED!  The World Premiere of Everything Twas is TOMORROW! Monday, November 25th!!  Subscribe on YouTube NOW!!

Last night we enjoyed watching ...


I love anything with Snoopy!!!

Well I was hoping to get this posted by midnight and it looks like it is now half past.
Have a wonderful night!


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