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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Santa Came By Our House...

Santa came by our  house last night ! Yes, that's right ... Jolly Old St. Nick himself came riding by on a BIG, RED, SHINY FIRE TRUCK.

Each year, during the week before Christmas, the Firefighters at the Monrovia Fire Department shine-up their beautiful cherry red truck and decorate it with lights, bells, tinsel and bows! The big guy himself... Santa, rides around the town with a bit of an entourage/parade following behind him. Which includes; A Rudolph truck pulling Santa's sleigh filled with people from the town. They ride up and down each street in the city and throw candy out of the sleigh for all of the children to enjoy!

Run, Run Rudolph!
The people riding on the sleigh play music and spread Christmas cheer!
 Here is a little video clip I captured of Robbie waving at Santa as he drove by GiGi.'s house!
Before you watch this clip, I have to give my disclaimer for my video. After watching it, I realize I got totally caught-up in the moment and the idea of seeing Santa made me feel like a kid again.
So just ignore the 10,000 times I say, "IT'S SANTA !!!" throughout the video.
I was having a bit of a Buddy the elf moment! ;)
It's SANTA !!!

Oh and yes... I did sneak out of bed for a bit.... I mean it's SANTA!!!

 I am extremely blessed to have such wonderful friends!!
This morning, one of me dearest and best friends, Amanda and her little darling girl Paige came for a lunch play date and visit.

Amanda has truly become one of my best friends! We are in the same Bible study class. We met in high school and have babies who are the same age. Amanda is beautiful both inside and out and most importantly she is woman who has a heart for he Lord. Thank you for our friendship Amanda... you are such a true blue friend!

Below is a picture of Amanda and me from this afternoon. Amanda came with gifts and a scrumptious coffee cake! :) Yummy!

Robbie loved the play time with his girl... Paige! Watching the two of them together is just precious!

Here are the kiddos getting ready for their lunch date!

After a cheerful and much needed visit with Amanda, another dear, kind friend and my mentor Mom came by for a visit!
Do you all remember the twins I spoke about a few weeks back in a blog post ?
Well, this is their wonderful, beautiful, talented, wise momma, Brenda!
Brenda has 5  children and a busy Super Mom schedule! I was so touched that she found the time to come over for a visit and bless me with her beautiful smile!

Here I am in my big, comfy robe with the beautiful Brenda!

Brenda brought Robbie a really cool snow making kit along with a stocking filled with chocolate milk straws! I know he will love these!
Brenda also brought Rich and me these adorable little Hallmark Santa and Mrs. Clause...

... with the kindest note attached!

Thank you Amanda and Brenda for brightening my day and making me feel so special!
I love you both! :)

I have been knitting away and I have made two baby beanies since yesterday afternoon. :)
I also have been having fun watching some of the Christmas movies on The Hallmark Channel  and ABC family! I know they can be kind of corny... but I love corny, and to use a quote from another one of my favorite Christmas movies... "I like corny. I'm looking for corny in my life."- The Holiday
Last night I watched...
 A cute, festive little movie that kept me well entertained while I knit. Today, I watched this one while I work on a third baby beanie...

Jingle's Adventures Over The Past Few Days

Well.. Jingle hasn't been M.I.A at the Christensen house. Mommy Sarah, has not done so well at documenting the last few days of Jingle... so here we go!

On Monday, Jingle visited us and left two adorable little twin baby bears.

Robbie just loves them so much!

 On Tuesday morning, we found Jingle just... hanging around on GiGi's chandelier!!
He left Robbie a box of candy canes to share with our neighbors and friends!

 Yesterday, we found our Jingle hiding in the bathroom!
I think he may have been admiring himself in the mirror. :)

He left another adorable little bear for Robbie... this time the bear was dressed like a clown.

He left the following note...

This morning, Jingle was riding GiGi's antique rocking horse under the Christmas tree!

Jingle left a festive Christmas sticker book full of stickers for Robbie.
Attached was a note asking Robbie to please help GiGi make Christmas tags for her gifts.

This will be a fun project today!

25 Nights Of Family Christmas Movies

STAY TUNED!  The World Premiere of Everything Twas is TOMORROW! Monday, November 25th!!  Subscribe on YouTube NOW!!
On Monday we watched...
We loved how cute and musical it was!
On Tuesday we watched...
On Wednesday, we watched...
We have been having fun around here and enjoying every minute of this wonderful season!
Blessings Friends,

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