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Monday, December 9, 2013

Where In The World Is Jingle Today ?

Vintage Christmas Image  #vintage #christmas #art

Hello friends, we spent the day taking our Christmas picture, making and preparing our Christmas cards and running errands. So not much to blog about tonight. I did however want to share our latest Elf On The Shelf Adventure! Here is what Jingle was up to today!

The Adventures Of Jingle 

This morning Jingle was waiting for us with a cute little smirk on his face and a snowman bag . Today we were told to make our own snowmen ornaments using the snowman kit Jingle left for Robbie! Robbie is just so innocent and adorable, when I read the note to him and explained that we were going to make snowmen today, he ran and grabbed his mittens and coat and said he better get dressed really warm! :) 
We got right to work and had so much fun creating these little snowmen while we listened to Christmas music! Such a fun morning!

Below are a few of our little snowmen! :) I can't wait to mail them out and decorate our own tree with them. 

25 Nights Of Family Christmas Movies 

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Nights: 8 & 9 

I realized I  skipped our Christmas movie for night 8. 
We watched Frosty Returns...

AS you can tell, we have been really enjoying the snowman theme around here!

Last night we watched The Berenstain Bears Christmas Tree...

Robbie just loves these cuddly bears and I do too!

So just to recap our 25 nights of Christmas movies nights 1-9, actually I forgot that we had watched a movie on Thanksgiving so I am counting it as well.

I'm off to bed friends!

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I just love that little face!!