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Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving and It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Happy Thanksgiving 

Hope you all had a warm and loving Thanksgiving! We had a very peaceful and quiet Thanksgiving! My Mom and I cooked everything from; cheesy garlic mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potato pie, green bean casserole, fresh corn and carrots and of course, my favorite turkey!! We had three different pies and wonderful Hawaiian roles! It was a pregnant woman's dream!! :) 

Everyone had a nice time and enjoyed the feast! 

Black Friday Fun 

After dinner, once we had re cooperated from our meal, we did something I haven't done in years...we went Black Friday Shopping! When I was in college, my friend Susan and I would do this every year. We would wake-up around 3:30 am and hit-up some of our favorite stores for the freebies! :) 

Well, we are in the process this week of completely renovating our family room at the new house! All this past week (to include a few hours on Thanksgiving), we have had workers putting in a new ceiling in our family room and removing the old, dingy 1938 panel ceiling, We also have had them re-dry wall a wall as well. Well now comes the fun part! We are now in the decorating phase! We are choosing paint samples for the wall, drapes for the big sliding patio doors and new carpet! Last night we waited in line at Best Buy for over an hour, but it was all worth it because we walked away with this...
Larger Front
Our new 60 inch, Smart, HD Samsung Television! 
Just in time to finish out football season! 

I don't know who is more excited about this purchase, my husband or myself ?! 
 Now that I am older, I don't do the whole Black Friday thing like I once did. However, I am proud of myself for keeping up with my hubby and Dad and all those Black Friday Shoppers, considering I am EXTREMELY pregnant with twins! Picture this, we grabbed the last TV of it's kind, while my Dad and Rich continued to shop throughout the store, I  was left to guard the TV... an extremely pregnant woman sitting on a television box guarding it from 100's of other shoppers! We did it!!!! :) 

Our Thankful Tree Is Complete 
With the Thanksgiving season now coming to an end, guess what? 

Yesterday, we finished our Thankful Tree...

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas 

It's officially the Christmas season!! I have Christmas music playing around the clock! We are talking all about Christmas and the true meaning as well as getting ready for all of our December traditions. We have decided that starting tonight, we are going to watch one Christmas movie with Robbie each night until Christmas! 
As requested by my husband, here is tonight's feature ....

My Mom and I have been knitting away... the weather has been so cozy, rainy and perfect for knitting with a cup of tea! I made this hat for Robbie and immediately he said; "thank you Mommy, now we need to make a hat for Joey and Jake!" So cute!!

Well, enough for today, we are off to work on the letter A... we just bought this new book and I love all of the activities! :) 

Have a blessed day! 

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