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Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween

We love dressing-up for Halloween around here! This year Robbie begged to dress-up as Mickey Mouse!! He was persistent about me dressing-up as Minnie Mouse to compliment him. SO like any good Mama would do, I gave him his Halloween wish... and here you have an adorable Mickey Mouse with a very pregnant Mama Minnie Mouse!  Ha ha :) Life is good!

Here is a little trip down Halloween Memory Lane...

Robbie's very first Halloween... loved that little pumpkin hat that GiGi made! October 31, 2011


Robbie's Second Halloween, October 31, 2012
Daddy had just deployed and this little tiger missed him very much! :( 


Finally, this year, October 31, 2013
Dressed like Mickey and as Happy as can be! 

Photo: Happy Halloween Everyone, from the cutest mouse I know! :)

We had a fun filled Halloween day! We put on our costumes in the morning and went to visit Aunt Becky at her work's Halloween office party, like we do every year.

Here we are with Aunt Becky at her work... as usual the women there were so kind and loving to us all! Oh and by the way, after seeing myself in this picture, I have decided that no pregnant woman should EVER wear polka-dots... ahh the things we do for love! :) 

Here are a few little snapshot of Robbie and me trying to take a photo of ourselves...

Later Halloween night, after nap time, Daddy came home and so did Bompa Ray. Aunt Becky stopped by with Pizza and Rich and I took Robbie Trick-or-Treating! 

 Here is a back shot of our little Mickey's bottom... I had to show of the tail we made! Robbie loved his tail and kept swinging it around and telling everyone that he had a tail! :) 

 Off to Trick-or-Treat with Daddy! 
Robbie absolutely loved Trick-Or-Treating this year! He could say, " trick -or-treat" so well and he held out his little pumpkin bag at each house and said thank you! 
Later, at GiGi's house he had a blast giving out candy to all the boys and girls who came by.
He told everyone Happy Halloween and told them all how cute they all were! 

 GiGi's front porch looked so inviting with all of the lights and pumpkins! 

 Happy Halloween everyone, hope your day was as fun as ours !!!

It's November 1st ...

 Did you know that November 1 is National Family Literacy Day? First held in 1994, National Family Literacy Day is celebrated with activities and events highlighting the importance of family literacy. Many organizations celebrate National Family Literacy Day with special events throughout the month of November. So read, read, read with your kiddos!!!


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~Lindsey said...

Aww what a precious photo of him looking up adoringly at his Momma!