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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Nature Walk With With GiGi

We have finished bath and bedtime stories and I am just now sitting down to write today's post. Today is Wednesday, which means it was a Bible Study Fellowship day for me. I truly am enjoying this year's study of Matthew as well as the group of women in my study group ! I feel like I am learning so much and it has been so encouraging to be able to talk with Rich about the study as well, ( he is doing the men's evening study). We have had many interesting conversations about Jesus and His teachings over the past few weeks.

On Wednesdays my Mom, (GiGi) babysits Robbie for three hours or so in the morning while I attend Bible study. I had planned on enrolling Robbie in the two year old's BSF class which meets at the same time as the women's study. However, my doctor told me that while pregnant with the twins, it is best to limit Robbie's exposure to lots of other toddlers/ children to prevent germs spreading from him to me and ultimately to the unborn twins. So Wednesday's are GiGi days! :)

I shared that yesterday was a rather blustery day. My Mom took advantage of the very Fall day and took Robbie out on a little nature walk around our town. They were on a mission to find as many Pine cones, ( or as Robbie calls them,(" Pine-corns"), Acorns and leaves as they possibly could. I played photographer for the afternoon! :)

I loved my Mom's idea of the nature walk. The walk really served two purposes. It got my little man out and about, exhausting much of his two year old toddler energy. Plus, as an added bonus; the walk served as an excellent science lesson that went right along with our color theme of orange and fall for the month of October! GiGi and Robbie plan on using all of the Pine cones, leaves, pods and seeds, and Acorns to create a Thanksgiving wreath for the front door, and for name-plates and a centerpiece.
GiGi showed Robbie a Pine tree, an Amber tree, a Carob tree, a Maple tree, and the massive Oak tree in our back yard.

Here are some pictures from their adventure! 

They started off looking for Pine cones

Success right away! 

Now it's time to look for Acorns. 

I love this picture of Robbie's little hand holding his Acorns.

Then Robbie picked this flower for me! 

So we made a wish...

and set it free...
Notice the little cookie stained face! :) 

Today GiGi and Robbie spent the morning using their findings for school time activities! 

I just love the wonder and adventure of having a two year old! :) 

Have a good night friends! 

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