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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Play Dates & Pirates

Yesterday, my dear friend Amanda invited Robbie and me over to her beautiful home for lunch and for a toddler play date!
 Robbie just adores Amanda's little girl Paige! Amanda made a wonderful lunch for the two of us and yummy Mac & Cheese and watermelon for the kiddos! It was so cute to watch our little toddlers as they sat together at their own little kid table! They prayed together (on their own) before their meal. They hugged and were just adorable!!
 After lunch, the tots went for a swim in Paige's kiddie pool, while Amanda and I sat and just talked and enjoyed great fellowship!

Here is a picture of the babies about a year ago, (last September) heading back home after dinner...

Here are our babies just last week, enjoying an evening of playing and star gazing!! 

Seriously!!! Where does the time go???


This guy is well loved in the Christensen household!

Well actually, ANYTHING do to with Pirates is all the rage these days with my little mate!
We watch a lot of Jake and The Never Land Pirates.

I have been trying to come-up with a system of rewards and consequences for Robbie.
When I was teaching, I had a time set aside every Friday for my students to do, "store".
All week long, my students earned pretend/play money for good behavior; which they could choose to spend at the store on Friday. I had my store closet filled with different toys, books and fun items. The children could also choose to save up 50 of their dollars (play money) and go out to lunch with me for pizza once a month.

Here I am with one of my adorable little students!

Well, since Robbie loves his pirates and anything adventurous... I decided to make a treasure box for him as a system of rewards and consequences!

My Mom really was the master mind behind the making of this whole treasure box! I purchased the wooden box at our local craft store for $ 14.00, my Mom painted it gold and later sprayed it with gold spray glitter. When the box was dry, Gigi  had Robbie glue all sorts of jewels, old costume  jewelry and bric- a- brac on it! I think this really has given Robbie a sense of pride and ownership in his treasure chest!

Gold Coin Reward System 

So, basically this is how our system works...
Throughout the day, when Robbie is caught doing something, (for lack of a better word), good or that is pleasing to us, (his parents) or that honors God, or helps others, he is given one gold coin, or as Robbie likes to call them, because this is what Jake calls them, "gold deb looms!"
Robbie can earn as many as we see fit throughout the day. At first we are giving him a gold coin for everything, if he obeys and does something the first time he is asked, if he gets himself dressed when he finishes all of his veggies, when he makes his bed ... you get the picture. I want to encourage him to buy into the system at first. Later, as he becomes better acquainted with the treasure box method, we will give coins out more sparingly, maybe like 5 a day.

At the end of each day, just after dinner, Robbie is allowed to spend his coins in the treasure box,
 ( which I have filled with cars and toys and books all from the dollar store or dollar section of Target.)

 I'm not sure if you can tell in these pictures, but I have labeled each item with a blue sticker. Each toy has a price on it 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc...
This is where the teacher in me comes out! We are working on number recognition and number value. So for example, if Robbie wants to purchase the goldfish crackers, he will have to pay me 5 of his gold coins. This is a great way to teach number value and recognition at the same time! I have also put in pictures of events and places to go, like: get a frozen yogurt for 10 coins, or go to the park for 5 coins, or ride the carousel at the mall for 7 coins.


As with everything in life, there is always a reward for things done well and a consequence for disobedience. Which means, when Robbie chooses to disobey or not listen, he has to pay me one of his gold coins.
Learning can be exciting, beneficial and rewarding. I love teaching because so many values and skills, and life application exercises can be introduced at such a young and absorbent age!

PROVERBS 22:6 : "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it."

Rich and I take seriously, all of God's promises and instruction. We want to impress Robbie with obedience; it's rewards, and with talking and walking in the word of God. Our responsibility is to lead him and his heart toward his creator and Savior.

Have a wonderful Fall day, my precious readers!


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