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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Confessions of My Pregnancy Brain

It's 5:30 am and I was woken-up by the feel of little flutters in my tummy! I have been up for an hour or so, tossing and turning and finally decided to get my post up for the day. As I sit here eating tortilla chips and salsa, ( I know weird middle of the night craving). My mind is racing a million miles a minute!

I have our first General Membership Junior League meeting of the year tomorrow evening ( which I guess is really tonight) to attend. I am my Junior League committee's  reporter and publicity writer for the year. Which means I have an article write-up due in the morning about our committees next event.

In the middle of all of this, in the back of my head I am wondering how on earth are three babies going to fit in the back of our Jeep... three car seats across? Oh and yes, the conversation of a minivan has been brought up several times! I have come to the conclusion that I would totally rock a mini-van and love it!
The hubby ... not so much! ha ha In fact, Rich has been bringing up just about every other large SUV he can think of to avoid the MV( minivan) subject! Lol!!
Hmm... whet else, oh on Sunday I misplaced my wedding rings!!!! Seriously, I think I stopped breathing for the past few days at the thought of loosing them!! On Saturday night, I went to put Robbie in his jammies in my parent's guestroom. I remember thinking to myself as I took off my rings; "now this is a safe place to put them, I won't lose them here!" well.... maybe my hiding spot was a little too safe... because my pregnancy brain ( and yes I am blaming my forgetfulness these days on my twin-preggo brain) was no match for this hiding spot!! I spent all day Sunday looking for them, worried I had accidentally thrown them away, questioning Robbie to see if he threw them down the potty! ha ha Praying we would find them!

Yesterday, my Mom called me and told me she had been saying her morning prayers when she heard a bang on the window in her guest bedroom. Quickly, she ran in to see what it was, this is not totally unusual, because often times her cat, Charlie will bang the window to let everyone know he wants to come in from outside. Sure enough, there on the hook by the windowsill were my rings!!! Thank God!

I have been so forgetful lately and a little overwhelmed... which means it is time to sit back, clear off my plate a bit and focus on Him, the only one who truly matters!

I think that about sums-up my pregnancy brain for the week.... thank you for listening. :)
Now, I'm off to catch one more hour of sleep before everyone wakes-up.
Sweet Dreams,

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