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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Auntie Summer Brings Sunshine & Sweets

My OB doctor called me in yesterday to do some more blood work... I think I really must have given 12 vials of blood in the last week! I feel like a pincushion!! The doctor said the twinies looked great and that she wants to keep a close watch on them. Dr. Yu wants me to come in next week for another ultrasound! I will keep you posted! Thank you for all of your prayers, I can feel them! 

Yesterday, after coming home from the lab, bruised and bandaged on both arms, guess who came to visit? My bestie, Summer! We had a really good girl's catch-up.We sat on the bed munching on grapes and crackers! I was able to hear all about the new boyfriend, her job, her sweet mama and her knitting projects!! I just love you Summer, you always cheer me up and brighten my day! 

Here's "Mr. Ham-It-Up".
Robbie wouldn't leave Summer ALONE!! 

Robbie dancing with a trashcan on his head!

He simply adores her!!  Since I do not have any brothers or sisters, Summer has always been my sister in Christ. Summer is the BEST AUNTIE a boy could ask for!! Although, I must say, already at age TWO... Robbie is turning into a big flirt! He flirted, danced, sang his "ABC's" and tickled Summer! I think he has developed a bit of a crush on his Auntie! ;)

Summer brought sunshine and sweets!
 Summer surprised us by bringing over the most DELICIOUS cupcakes I have EVER had!!!

I mean... really??? 

Who could resist? 

Robbie went on and on saying how delicious and wonderful his strawberry cupcake was! 

Thank you Auntie Summer for just being you! 

We love you!


Summer said...

Ok, I think I'm finally signed in correctly. I think :) I had the best time!! I'm so glad we got to catch up on everything! Mr. Robbie such a little gentleman, I am SO happy I got to see you guys!! I am truly blessed to be an auntie to Robbie and these twinies!! Love you guys so much!!

Anonymous said...

Summer, Thank you so much for bringing your cheer after a long hard day of working yourself. You made my hormonal patient laugh, and I appreciate that! I have my eye on that beautiful, gorgeous pearl of yours! Thank you also for explaining the round needles, I can' wait to get some time of my own to try it!
Love you,