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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Just Us Chickens

This morning I was scanning through the Williams-Sonoma website... which I must say is one of my absolute favorite stores to visit! I simply get lost in the kitchen gadget section! 

Like this little beauty ...
I have my eyes on this as well.
I know I have said it a million times before, but I just love the look and color of old antique Jadeite! 

We have decided we are going with a mostly white kitchen with Jadeite accents! 
We received our final order for these adorable kitchen Depression antique style milk green glass cabinet pulls this week. They are a bit pricey and range from around $8.00 to $10.00 a piece. So, we have been working on buying enough sets for all of our cabinets for months now. 

This picture below is my inspiration for our kitchen! 

Well, back to my original story about chickens and Williams-Sonoma. 
As a child, I grew-up with a father who thought he was a farmer. ha ha. We had 6 chickens, a huge  duck, 4 Wood ducks, 2 Mallard Drakes and lots of turtles. We also had 3 dogs and always a few cats into the mix. Voila! We had our Sieverling farm! 

I have so many fond memories of waking-up in the morning and searching for eggs to make a fresh breakfast! One chicken, laid blue and green pastel eggs. Our Rhode Island Red chicken laid beautiful tan colored eggs. My mom baked huge loaves of bread each week using those eggs. I remember the duck eggs made springy and larger loaves.

I would love my children to have the same experience, minus the ducks... they are just too messy for me! :) 

Raising Chickens

There are so many wonderful benefits to raising your own farm-fresh chickens. Not only do you control the environment in which your chicken eggs come from, but you also give your children a great sense of responsibility and joy. 

Handcrafted Egg Basket

This is one of the pre-made chicken coops Williams Sonoma offers. 
Hmm... I just might have a project for Rich and my dad! ;) 

Cedar Chicken Coop With Planter

This is today's project!
Robbie knows how to sing his "ABC's" and can recognize some of his letters.
I found this on Pinterest and thought it is a great way to teach letter recognition to toddlers!

toddler alphabet free printable preschool homeschool magnet activity tot tray
I also found this, 
what looks like it will be an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G bread recipe!! 
AS I asaid before I grew up with my Mom making beautiful , fresh bread each week ... I would love to start doing the same! 

Since bread and Ginger Ale are all I can really hold down lately, today might be the perfect day for baking! 

Best Bread Ever...

Well that's all for today friends! 

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