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We are honored to be serving our country and ask for prayer in our upcoming adventures. We have been blessed tremendously, and thank God everyday for all he has given us!




Thursday, July 25, 2013

# 1 Motherhood is ....

Surviving Mommyhood |

I have decided to copy cat one of my dear friends and fellow Marine Wife's blog post idea of; "Motherhood Is... ".  Brittany has a blog called Daigle Family Happenings .
Brittany, I hope you don't mind me sharing your blog! :)
Miss Brittany and her beautiful babies!

I have appreciated and looked forward to Brittany's blog posts on Motherhood for the past year or so. Each week Brittany shares about what motherhood has taught her throughout the week through one of her pictures.

So here it is, my very first; "Motherhood Is" post...

Well, it all started yesterday when Rich, Robbie and I were coming home from our evening walk around the Harbor. We are currently living in a town home community,( the importance of this will come into view as my story unravels). While walking to our house, I happened to see our neighbors ( another Marine Captain and his wife), sitting out on their patio enjoying a lovely candlelit dinner with fresh flowers on the table and a bottle of wine. I couldn't help but notice their romantic dinner for two, the Captain still in his uniform from a day at work and his pretty wife dressed lovely for dinner (complete, wearing pearls). I sighed, and for no real apparent reason burst into tears later that evening before bed. Rich looked at me as if I were completely insane! He quickly said, "what's wrong" ?
I told him that I felt like a bad wife and so inferior to that lovely and so well put together Captain's wife.

I went on to tell my dear husband, (who at this point must have completely thought his wife had truly cracked), that I remember the early days in our marriage, (before babies), when I put more effort into looking nice when he came home from work and always had the house sparkling with fresh flowers on the table and some sort of cool new meal prepared that I had picked-up off Food Network! ( huge run on sentence, I know).  He hugged me and reassured me by saying that was a season in our life and this is our new season. I looked around the room to the sight of folded clean laundry on the couch, dirty, post-vacation laundry piles on the floor, a sippy cup on the night stand and Elmo in the bed and realized, he was right!

The days of having a perfectly clean house and a gourmet meal served at supper doesn't make for the "perfect life". This is not at all to discount having romance in a marriage, I am simply trying to bring attention to being content and realize that the mundane day to day tasks and life are TRULY a blessing!! Our children are only little once! Each day that you tuck your child into bed at night is a day you can never get back, so MAKE IT COUNT!!   That is the lesson I have learned this week! I am thankful for my child, (the greatest blessing in life). I love my hard working husband, who always stands by me and appreciates me.

On our way home from the grocery store this morning. Messy car and sippy cup spilling in car seat.
So this is my life, it isn't always glamorous, it isn't always clean, but it's ours and I love it!
This is the verse I have chosen to work on applying to my life for the week.



Making the most of each day said...

Making the most of each day

Making the most of each day said...

Miss Brittany looks like a happy and beautiful wife and mother. I am pleased that you have good role models. At 57 years old, I am learning to find lessons,contentment, and to live in the moments and challenges, and to be grateful with each new day. Change has birthing pains and transitions and seasonal passages of life can be melancholy at times. Just walk with Christ and know that He ordains each day. NEVER compare! We all have different times for different lessons to be learned. I am trying to master contentment. Kiss my darling Robbie for me. See you real soon. Mama

letty said...

awww I love it and I agree 100% being a mama really is the best!! i miss reading your blog and so happy that you're enjoying life with your beautiful family!! Take care sweety and god bless you always!! xoxoxo