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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Day In San Juan

Well hello there ... welcome back! I woke up this morning and could smell adventure in the air... I just knew it was going to be one of those days where Robbie and I set foot out the door and didn't return home until nap time!!

So... I laced-up my tennies, grabbed a sippy-cup for my little partner in crime and we set-off for our morning run on the beach trail. I have grown to really love these early morning runs/walks on the beach trail. The scenery is picturesque and serene. I love to listen to the sound of the crashing waves and feel the cool, salty breeze upon my face...

Some of us however, are not so thrilled about the early morning run. Hello sleepy head! :)
At the end of our run, we always stop off at the park to play.
This park has the most gorgeous views!

 I have to admit, I am so proud of my little guy... Robbie has never been a big; "I want" type of kid.
I really do believe less is more when it comes to clothing and toys for children. The past few weeks Robbie has been asking for two big purchases, a dog and a bicycle, (which really means a tricycle). Rich told him he could get both when he is a little older. Robbie asked him when and Rich said when you are three... haha. So every time Robbie stops to admire a passing dog on our walk, he says in a loud excited voice; "Mommy look at that little doggie, he's sooooo cute." " I can get doggie when I Treeee( Three)." :)

After our morning at the beach, we came home, showered up and headed about 3 miles away to downtown San Juan Capistrano. For those of you who aren't locals to South Orange County,, you simply MUST make time for a visit to San Juan Capistrano if ever in the L.A/ San Diego area.
The whole city of San Juan Capistrano was created around Mission San Juan Capistrano. Known for the Mission and tons of fun, funky little antique shops, restaurants, wineries and more!
One of our favorite kid-friendly stops in San Juan( as the locals call it), is ZooMars Petting Zoo.
ZooMars is located in the Los Rios Historic District of San Juan, just next to the train depot.
ZooMars truly does have anything and everything to make a child's petting zoo paradise!
From feeding bunnies carrots, to taking a ride on a toy train!
We purchased our admission along with a basket of carrots, lettuce and apples to feed the animals and headed straight for the bunny yard. Have you ever seen so many bunnies in your life??
So here are a bunch of random bunny feeding photos...
Here is my little farmer ready to feed some bunnies!
Lots of carrots!

Here we found a nice Guinea Pig, perhaps he is hungry?

He looks a little plump already.
Part of what makes this whole bunny feeding experience so fun is watching the little critters reaction to 10,584 children all climbing over one another shoving carrots, apples, lettuce and random sticks of straw in their face... I definitely think these little critters want for nothing.... except maybe some solitude.

 Robbie just cracks-up every time the bunny takes the food from his hand! So Funny!

Kinda blurry, but I love his expression in this photo.

Here I am with a new friend.
Then, we headed over to the train ride...
I think the following photos pretty much sums up the way Robbie feels about the train ride!

Waiving at me!

We said goodbye to our friends at the petting zoo and said hello to lunch at Ruby's Diner!

Grilled cheese sandwiches, fries and a chocolate shake!!

I had a blast with my little man today! I am so thankful for this precious time we have together!

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