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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Ahh the weekend! Can you guess who chose the graphic above?
My dear friend Roberta has been sharing her  knowledge and wisdom on early child development.
Roberta has shared with me the importance of making our home child friendly. Allowing our little man to have his own mirror and towels at his level gives him a sense of dignity and pride.
Here is what I came up with this weekend.
We purchased a small mirror, towels, hooks and basket. We placed them all on the wall at eye-level for Robbie.
I placed small  bottles of soap, lotion and toothpaste in the basket along with a hairbrush and toothbrush. All  being the perfect size and at the perfect level for little hands.
Here is little man brushing his teeth.
He has taken such a great sense of pride and concentration in completing these little bathroom tasks like brushing teeth and combing hair. It is the cutest thing to walk-in the bathroom and see Rich shaving at his mirror and Robbie brushing his hair at his mirror.
Last night we went to dinner at our dear friends the Rooks.
Here is a picture of Melissa and Me.

We became friends back when our Marine hubbies were both in The Basic School in Quantico Virginia.
Well, that was almost four years ago and we haven't seen each other in 3 1/2 years.

We picked-up right where we left off and it was as if we hadn't missed a beat!
That's what I love about good friends!!!

Below is a picture of our little boys having dinner together at the kid's table. Zachary just turned 5 and he is the sweetest, most adorable little man! Zachary was so kind and gracious to Robbie... he was the perfect little host!
 The only thing missing that would have completed our group  was this girl!

Our sweet friend and the third part of the Quantico Cuties,  Miss Katie!!

We three were  pretty inseparable in our Quantico days!
We Missed you Szostaks, your family in So Cali is waiting!!

This morning we attended a new church and really enjoyed the sermon.

After  the service I wandered into the bookstore and found a great Children's Bible I must add to our bookshelf! I believe it is still a little advanced for our little guy, but wanted to share it with any of you Mama's with 3 to 8 year olds.

The book represents the Bible in such an interesting way filled with many descriptive word and great illustrations that children will love.

Here is an example of the story of John  The Baptist from The Jesus Storybook Bible.

Have A Great Sunday!


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