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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rock Painting Party

Yesterday, (Friday) was our Rock Painting party!
 Some of my girlfriends and I,  have decided to get together a few times a month and just have fun, food and a fabulous time with each other !!!
Last month, I hosted a Downton Abbey party. We had so much fun and we have decided to keep the party going!

Well, yesterday was rock painting night!
Robbie and I started off our Friday by coloring a picture for Daddy at the bright and early bird hour of 6:00 a.m!!! 

Can you tell it is early by the bed head photo above? 

By a more decent hour of 9:00 in the morning, we were off to the grocery store to buy all the ingredients to make... 

... these little beauties for our party !! 

My Mom made a fabulous Angel Hair pasta for the Rock Painting party to go along with these yummy cupcakes! 

Below, are some examples of painted stepping stones.
Sew delightful!! Brighten up a worn Pathway with Garden Stones / Blocks and Hand Paint or Stencil your Whimsical Designs on them. From Lin Wellford's Rock Painting

These are some examples of painted rock animals.
Rock Painting

Just look at this adorable, little cottage rock . . . 
rock painted like a Red House

... In fact, I think this little guy lives here .

This would look lovely on a front porch!
Rock Painting _ Welcome Sign

Don't these look like Easter eggs?

I will definitely be painting these stones to put in my vegetable garden this spring!
painted garden rocks painted garden rocks painted garden rocks

As you can tell, the possibilities with rock painting are ENDLESS and LIMITLESS!!! :)
Here are some photos from our Friday night girl's night Rock Painting party!

Here are all the ladies who attended,( minus just a few).
Can I just say, I LOVE our group of girls. We have all ages that range from middle 20's to late 80's, and that is what makes our group so special. Because we are all at different stages in our womanhood; we are able to share, mentor, laugh, cry and observe one another! 

Let the painting begin!!!

Here is Liz, (Aimee's Mom) with her adorable little Lady bug! 
Also Liz, I love your beautiful blonde hair! It's making me re-think my brown tresses! 

Here I am with Aimee and Summer! 
Oh and my unpainted rock. :) 

Summer and I always take our classic photo together, which usually consists of one of us stretching out our arm as far as it will go, as we grasp an I-phone or camera and snap our pic! haha :) 

I am amazed at what talent each of these lovely ladies have!

I was inspired by this photo of a painted rock cat. 

So, I found the perfect shaped rock and got to work! 

Here is my finished rock cat . ..  not great, but not bad for my first time! 

Here are some of the finished rocks that the gals made.
Aunt Becky made these two cheerful and pretty heart rocks! They are so old fashioned looking and she will use them as paperweights in her office! 

Just look at this darling cottage that Summer made!  Honestly Summer, if you weren't my best friend I would be jealous of your talent! :) haha 

Aimee has two of the most adorable children you will ever meet!! 
Her little girl Angelica,( who by the way is 5 years old) asked her mommy to paint a pink and purple heart rock for her. 

Here is what Aimee made! 

My mother and Roberta are working on cottages for their painted rocks. They are not finished with theirs yet, so stay tuned. I will post them in just a few days.

                                     We are already planning our party for next month. It will be a themed boxed lunch/ picnic.
 You see, we have some excellent cooks and bakers amongst us.

boxed lunch.

Have a wonderful night!

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