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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Collection Of Random Wednesday Thoughts

Happy Wednesday friends! 
My little sweetie pie was playing with my camera and broke the little door that holds in my battery.
So . . . I am without a camera for a few days and only left with my cell phone! 
Hmm, maybe this will be a good excuse to get a new camera . . .  Robbie will have to let Daddy know what Mommy wants for her 30th birthday!  

Well Hello There Lover . . . 

Ahh, a girl can dream, right? 

Wow, after writing this, I just realized I only have one month left in my 20's!!!!!!!! 

In other news, I have been coming along on my rag rug and will post the final tutorial later this week.

The past few days have been SUPER busy!!!

Yesterday, I started Spin class. . . well, I should say I am getting back into spin. 
When Rich and I were living in Washington D.C. ,
  a group of my besties and I, took spin three times a week and L.O.V.E.D it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Well, it has been a few years,
one baby and
a few pounds later;
but I'm back! 
Spin is seriously addicting.

I'm not gonna lie, when the lights went down, the disco ball dropped from the ceiling and the music started; I was peddling away and my heart felt like it was going to explode!!

 I asked myself ... why?  

But an hour later, I was feeling those endorphins and I was so happy I completed the class. 

Again, I would be lying if I told you I didn't wake -up a little sore, okay A LOT sore!! 
All the same, I can't wait for tomorrow's class! 

After Spin, I spent the morning with the gals from Junior League at our headquarters, preparing sack lunches for the homeless at Union Station. 

Union Station Homeless Services

The mission of Union Station Homeless Services; is to help men, women and children rebuild their lives and end homelessness. Union Station provides a full continuum of housing, employment and life skills programs to help people regain dignity and achieve self-sufficiency.

The JLP ladies and I made over 50 PB & J sandwiches and sack lunches.

Today was a great day because I was able to talk on the phone with my sweetie! 

Oh, and did I mention how THRILLED I am that they have opened a new Chick-Fil-A just a few miles from my house!!! 

Robbie and I have swung by Chick-Fil-A  a couple of times this week .
 We might have gone a few times too many, because now when I ask my little guy if he wants a lemonade, he grins and says; "Chick- Fil-A Mommy?" ha ha starting him young !!

SIDE NOTE:  Okay, so I know this car seat looks a little TOO pink for a boy, but I have an AWESOME, super, Thrifty Girl story to share with you in a later post this week! Besides, I think the Camo jacket adds a manly quality . . . wouldn't you agree? :) Just DON"T let Daddy see until my project is finished! ha 

But back to my story.
 The lines were crazy, out the door, down the street long at Chick-Fil-A!!!

WOW!!!! looks like ALL that NON-SENSE Chick-Fil-A banning stuff REALLY worked...

... People literally were camped-out in front of the new restaurant! 

I guess there are lots of people who will keep supporting Chick-Fil-A.
I for one will keep stuffing my mouth with those super yummy chicken sandwiches, and loving it all the way!!

I am pretty excited about the new kids meal books that can be purchased at Chick-Fil-A! 

There are five books in the Happy Fields book series. We have collected three of the five. (See I told you we went to Chick-Fil-A too much). 
Robbie and I both love the books. Each book teaches a Biblical lesson. We have read The Tale Of The Patient Spider several times this week! 

The books teach Patience, Gratitude, Responsibility, Determination and Joy! 

We may just have to make another lemonade run tomorrow to see if we can pick-up Responsibility and Joy. :)

My Mom and I both missed the last three episodes of Downton Abbey Season 3.
Today, we bought Season 3 on Blu ray. My Mom is in the kitchen now popping popcorn and we are getting ready to settle-in, work on our rag rugs and find out what happens with the characters on our beloved show...

... So no spoiler alerts for me!

I want to be surprised! haha :)

I have a fun story to share with you all tomorrow, involving my new retro sunglasses!
Oh, and on Friday we are having a Rock Painting Party with my girlfriends! 
Just what does that mean? Well, I guess you'll just have to come back to find out! :)  

Have a good night friends! 

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