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We are honored to be serving our country and ask for prayer in our upcoming adventures. We have been blessed tremendously, and thank God everyday for all he has given us!




Monday, March 4, 2013

Sunday Evening

I love Sundays. . . they usually are the end of a great weekend and a day to honor the Lord and enjoy  family. I have another collection of stories from this past week that I want to share with you all today.

First, I want to CONGRATULATE our dear friends, Katie and Joe. Today, their life and world changed for the best . . . they welcomed the arrival of their first child, a beautiful baby boy, Kellen Szostak!!

We met The Szostaks when we were all living in Washington D.C in 2009.
 The Hubbies, ( Our Marines) were in a training school
 as new Second Lieutenant officers. 
It has now been almost 4 years, and our friendship has lasted through different bases, different time zones, states, and now babies!!! 
Katie and I love our Captains and are proud to be serving right along side of them. 
Welcome to Mommy hood Katie! 
and to Daddy hood, Captain Szostak!

We love you Katie, Joe and baby Kellen, and so, this is my letter to precious little Kellen; 

Dearest Kellen, 

Hello little one, welcome to the world.
I have been praying for you and your new life. I want you to know that you are entering into a wonderful family. You have a beautiful, talented , artistic and loyal mommy who we all love so much. Your daddy is honorable, courageous and true. He serves our country and he will always be there for you.
 Both your mommy and daddy are fun to be around and they always keep us laughing! They both love the Lord and will raise you with morals and values. 
We love you sweet boy, we are praying for you and your future, and we all can't wait to meet you! I have been privileged in meeting both sets of your grandparents. They are fine and hospitable people. How fortunate you are, and how fortunate we all are to have you in this world. I think you are beautiful, dear one! You are so needed in this world!
Much love and blessings, from your friends in California! Kellen, Always remember that you have an honorary cousin in California, who is so very anxious to meet you!

Happy Birthday from the Christensens!
Rich, Sarah and Robbie :) 

Okay, on to fashion!! 

I sorta have a crush on vintage fashion ... specifically late 40's early 50's dresses! 

The other day, we took my little one on yet another Metro Train trip into South Pasadena.
While window shopping, I came across a fabulous, little, vintage women's clothing store!!!

The owner was a doll. Her merchandise is retro, however, so immaculate!
Mom and I went crazy! We bought jewelry, clothes and earrings. The prices are fair and affordable.

This lightweight wool suit is another one of my finds from a Vintage shopping day, and with a darling coat to match!

My mom had this same dress when she was in high school. I love it!

Shopping makes a girl hungry. We came upon this adorable cupcake parlor. They were on television (cupcake wars) I thought a bit pricey, but, absolutely delicious!!!

So we had to try these cupcakes for ourselves! 

They looked so yummy and pretty all in a  row! 

I loved this little sign on their wall! 

 The shop was decorated so beautifully! 

Sure does... 
...until too many of them might bring on new worries, LOL!

 The shop owner had a little basket of baking toys for children to play with while they wait for their yummy cupcakes! Robbie waited patiently! 

Alas . . . they're here! 

We found a quiet little nook and sat down to enjoy our treat.

Remember the little baking toys I told you the shop had for children? Well . . . The pretend cupcakes looked so real, Robbie tried to eat one... 

... then we explained to him that they were pretend cupcakes. 

We gave him his Red Velvet cupcake and he was happy as a clam! 

                                "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" said, Robbie!

 Bompa, Robbie and Gigi, looking at me through the window. 

I think this is when Robbie finally saw me . 

 This little guy has my heart, he is my sweetest sweet! 

After we left the cupcake shop, we wandered into a few antique shops...
... where I fell in love with... 

...Jadeite Glassware !!!

I just love the color... it is a minty green that reminds me of something else I love . . .

That's IT!!!

More on Jadeite for another day, but I will say this, I am going to start collecting that beautiful glassware! 

"Many of my children run around in circles, trying to obey the various voices directing their lives. This results in fragmented, frustrating patterns of living. Do not fall into this trap. Walk closely with me each moment, listening for directives and enjoying my companionship. Refuse to let other voices tie you up in knots. My sheep know my voice and follow me wherever I lead."--Jesus Calling-Devotional. Ephesians 4: 1-6
Hope you all had a lovely weekend! 
Goodness, it is now Monday! Wishing you a great week, in a straight line without circles :) !

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