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Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Randoms . . .

 It's Monday, and the start of what I'm sure will be another great week!

I took yesterday off from blogging to attend a baby shower. Robbie attended his very first baby shower, and he was pretty well behaved!

  The baby shower was given by my Mom's dear friend Vicky, who is the future Grandma of little Miss Eva Faye! I just love the name, don't you?!

The baby shower was held at a fabulous little restaurant called Cafe Opera in Monrovia, my hometown.

My Mom decorated for the shower! The colors were pink and green, and I'm pretty sure I will steal these two colors if I ever am blessed with a little girl !

 Here are some of the table decorations. The theme was little girls.

A Table centerpiece, a Kewpie Doll from the 1930's
 Gift Table, My Mom actually made that doll from clay!
Humphrey Bogart's Mother designed this statue of Mother helping daughter dress. My Mom used it as a centerpiece and wrote a little saying;
"A son is a son until he finds him a wife, a daughter is a daughter for the rest of her life."
 This centerpiece consisted of a very old Snow baby in the baby carriage and doll from my mom's doll collection called; The President's Wives. My Mom also made the little baby doll that the woman is holding.

The inside of the restaurant

I thought I would share a few of my Marvelous Monday favorite products!

These Peach Pops are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! They have combined all of the sweet yummy goodness and scrumptiousness, (is that a word?? Well, I'm making it a word now, ha!!) of chunks of peaches in a light syrup that is only 40 calories a pop! A summer treat I feel good about giving my little one!

Next, I am loving this Dry Shampoo by Tresemme! I have extremely thick hair and during the summer months it is hot and my hair becomes very dry from over washing. I still wash my hair every other day, but this dry shampoo gives my hair a little extra life and shine in between shampoos!

I know this is a completely random Marvelous Monday confession,
but I have become addicted to watching The Golden Girls. ha ha ! Remember them? The 1980/1990;s running television comedy about four retired ladies in their 50's/60's who lived in Miami Florida . . .

Well, I have fallen into a pattern of completely vegging out on the couch once the baby is asleep and tuning into  The Hallmark Channel to follow the lives and crazy shenanigans of these girls.
Random . . . but true!

Finally I leave you with this final thought.

Fall is quickly approaching . . .
which means only one thing . . .

Need I say anything more ?
The Pumpkin Spice Latte
Coming to a Starbucks near you

September 6th !!!!!!!!!



letty said...

Omg!! Lol I happen to love The Golden Girls :) I actually have all 7 seasons on DVD!!! My baby girl's nursery is pink and green, I love it actually if you check out my facebook photos and click on the album Aubrey Jade that's my daughter you can see pics of her nursery my last name is Valdovinos :-* by the way your mom is sooo talented!!! God bless you Sarah and of course your family also:)

Rich and Sarah Christensen said...

Hi Letty!!
Oh my gosh, we have SO much in common! Glad to have met another Golden Girls fan! I love your little Aubrey Jade's nursery! What a beautiful room you have made for her! Thank you for your prayers friend and sweet words of encouragement! :)