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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday Potty Training Preparation Round One & Other Random Happenings

Happy Saturday! It's nap time around here, which means it's time to sit down, relax and blog before my little one wakes-up and we are off to run errands.

My husband's Grandma Branch has been telling me about a Masterpiece Theatre series on PBS called; Downton Abbey. Grandma Branch is absolutely wild about this particular series and she has been encouraging me to tune in. I spent the past few days watching the first season of Downton Abbey and let me tell you; I'M HOOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I couldn't get enough, I watched the entire season in a matter of two days! I love the plot, the clothing the cleaver banter! I have just ordered season two and let's just say I know what I will be doing once Robbie falls asleep next week. : )

I Especially love the hats!

Next, I'm pretty excited about the Republican choice for Vice President for the 2012 Presidential election!

I am well aware that politicians are well . . . politicians, no man is perfect, but so far I like what I see and I am hopeful for the 2012 Presidential election. I believe now more than ever our country needs a little HOPE and CHANGE...

I just ordered the above book; "Young Guns". I am interested in learning more about Paul Ryan, what his beliefs are, what he stands for and what his plan is if he becomes Vice President to help build-up America.

Do I dare even speak those two little, yet intimidating words out loud ?

Well, we actually are getting acquainted with the potty. Robert is only 15 months old, so I am not expecting him to use the potty and throw out the diapers just yet! However, I am hoping to help him. I'm gradually getting used to the idea and concept of what it means to go potty in the toilet.

I am reading the book "Diaper Free Before 3" and I must say it reveals some excellent resources, ideas and tools on how to start preparing a child for potty training at a young age.

About a month or so ago, (I would say right around the 13 to 14 month age marker) Robbie started taking off his diaper when he would go potty in it. He then started referring to his diaper as his "per". Now, within the past few weeks he has started coming up to me and saying "per- per" while pointing to his diaper right before or during his potty. Robbie will even go grab a new fresh diaper and baby wipe and hand them to you as if asking to be changed.

At this point I came to the conclusion that it might be time to introduce the potty to Robbie with no real expectations just yet. But more of an overall concept of what the potty chair is used for. I realize that it will most likely be another six to nine months before Robbie fully uses the potty on a regular basis on his own, but as the book says; "it is never to early to start preparing."

 Well, today was PP Day. Potty Preparation Day that is!! I took Robbie down to Babies R' US/ Toys R' US to pick out a potty chair just for him. All morning long and during his diaper changes I explained to Robbie that today was a very special day, because today was the day that he was going to get to use the potty chair for the very first time.

When we arrived at the store, Robbie was thrilled to see an ELMO potty, or as he calls it a "Melmo Pot" ha ha. He ran right up to the Elmo potty and I knew we had made a decision on which potty chair we needed to buy.

On our way home from the store

Here is the potty we bought

Here are some of the books we also purchased and have started to read through together.  

Once we arrived home, Robbie couldn't wait to open the box and check out his potty chair. 

But first, we watched the Elmo movie,

Here is Robbie watching Elmo's Potty Time with Gompa !

Robbie, enjoying a bottle during the movie.
 A scene from Elmo's Potty Time

Once the movie was over, it was time to try out the potty!
 Robbie helped open the box.

Robbie inspecting the new potty chair.

Now we're ready to give it a try!

 "Whoa Mom, this is way different than a diaper!"
 "I think I'm gonna like this !!!"
 During the few minutes spent getting acquainted with the potty, Robbie decided to sit and look at a book.
 He even learned how a potty makes a flushing sound! The Elmo potty chair makes a flush sound and Elmo says "Great job"!

No actual potty use today, but as the book I'm reading explains, it is very important to develop a scheduled routine time to put the baby on the potty chair each day. We have chosen to put Robbie on the potty chair as soon as he wake up, right after a nap and right before his bath.

I am trying to make this a fun experience for my little guy. When I put Robbie on the potty chair, I am not actually expecting him to use it, at least not for now. If it happens great, but I am most focused on making the potty chair time a pleasant experience and something that he looks forward to trying.

Well, that's all for today friends!

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Renee said...

How is it that little boys progress from avoiding being still long enough to use the potty to spending 15-30 minutes at a time on the "throne" as they become grown men?!?! :-/ Looks like Robbie is already well on his way with the book.