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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Making A Children's Chalkboard Table & Fun Summer Toddler Busy Activities

Early last week, I was on my way home from my parent's rental home when I spotted one of their neighbors putting out old children's furniture for the trash men to pick-up.

I noticed the neighbor threw away a child's bed, dresser and a sewing machine. All of these items looked pretty damaged except for one . . .  a small children's play table.

Now, I am not ordinarily accustomed to digging through trash, but this table was so adorable and I could tell it had excellent potential! I grabbed the table and took it home. What a perfect summer project!

I have been wanting to make a chalkboard table for Robbie to play with. This table was just perfect to do so with! he legs on it were wobbly, the paint was all chipped and scratched. Yet, I could see the chalkboard  table just waiting for me to create!

Here is the table before I stripped It down and re-painted.


First, I washed the table and took off the legs.
Next, I used a power sander to sand the entire table.

I used chalkboard paint on the table top.

After three coats of chalkboard paint the table top is finished!

Now for the legs. The treads on the screws for the legs were stripped. I replaced them to make the table sturdy. I sanded and re-painted the legs.  I decide to keep the concept of painting each leg a different color.

And we're ready to chalk!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robbie absolutely loves his new chalkboard table!

A fun summer project and the entire thing only cost me the amount of one bucket of chalk for $4.00 at Walmart!

Rice Bowl Activity

Another fun, in-expensive summer activity for your little one is playing with Rice Bowls.

This is a great activity to improve a toddler's Fine and Gross  Motor Skills as well as stimulate their tactile senses.

All you will need are two or three plasic bowls from the kitchen, about two pounds of unckooed rice, a few scoopers, paper cups or large spoons and let your little one play!!

Today, we are off to plant a small vegetable garden!


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Rachel @ The Philosophers Wife said...

I LOVE that table! What a fantastic idea!

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