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Friday, February 3, 2012

Teething . . . Round Two

Well, the teething monster is back. Up until this point Robbie only has had his two bottom teeth come in. I'm not really sure if you would describe the arrival of his bottom teeth as "teething". At least not after what we have been going through for the past two nights!!!

On Wednesday afternoon, I noticed a change in Robbie's behavior. He became fussy, clingy, drooly and overall just not happy. I suspected teething due to the insane amount of drool. Sure enough, by bedtime Robbie was in full blown teething mode!! At 7:30 p.m Mr. Robert was running a low grade temp of 100.8 that lasted throughout the night, clear into Thursday morning.

The culprit . . .

Two Top Front Incisor Teeth
Both at the same time, might I add.

 In a desperate attempt to soothe my sweet pea, I called two dear friends and received wonderful teething advice! As a new Mom,I welcome any and all the advice I can get! So now, I will pass this information onto you. Because I know you Mama's will agree, there is nothing worse than seeing your child suffer in pain. :(

First, the BEST teething gel on the market, in my opinion, that is! :) Highland's Teething Gel!! It is all natural and endorsed by Dr. Sears. This soothing gel, which contains chamomile calmed Robbie and gave my little man the much needed relief he was so eagerly seeking!

Next, Infants' Tylenol drops!! Seriously a God sent!!!


Today seems to be much better and we now have two little pearly white tooth buds!

I also wanted to share this video with  you. If you have ever wondered If God Loves YOU . . .  then Please watch this video NOW!! Long but worth watching the entire video!




Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Letty from California and I've been looking for you're blog for a while now we were prego at the same time and I use to follow you then and just coulden't find your blog anymore, I'm really happy I found it and I'm really glad to see how great you and yourfam are doing. For my children I've always have used humphreys 3 teething tablets and they are great, I don't know about where you live but here where I live they sell them in Walgreens and are wonderful. Well I will continue to follow you. God bless you and your family.

Daigle Family Happenings said...

These were the worst that Eden got. She also got these both at the same time and it was terrible! She got the WORST diaper rash from them that ended in scabs. Oh. My. Goodness! I never thought I would be through that period of mommy-hood! We didn't even notice when her molars came in, but those top center teeth were the pits! Glad they came in and all is well again.

Edward McNamara said...

I remember my first born during his teething stage. Everything came as a shocker for me and my wife. I'm glad that you found the perfect products for your little man.