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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mommy-Hood & Picnics

This past Saturday I took Robert to the park. We met-up with Rich's parents, Grandpa Ken and Grandma Carla. It was such a beautiful, bright, warm January day that My Mom, Robbie and I just couldn't resist being outside! So, I called up Rich's folks, picked up some yummy sandwiches from Jersey Mike's Subs and we were off to the park!

Robbie, enjoying his Grandma Carla and Grandpa Ken .

Robbie-Bobby and Grandma Carla inspecting his new hammer toy.

Earlier this week, Robbie's Great Auntie Becky bought him these adorable little shoes!! I am quite smitten with them! I don't know about your babies, but it seems like Robbie is always missing a sock or a shoe and it quite often is his right foot that seems to be the naked foot. Somehow, I thing my little guy is the one responsible for the great shoe loss. I have more often than not caught Mr. Robert removing his socks/shoes to use as a teething toy! ha ha

I Love SkidDERS!!

Making baby food is actually quite easy and incredibly fun! I love watching wholesome and colorful fruits and veggies transform into a brilliant puree that Robbie truly enjoys! Well, now making baby food is that much easier for me.

 Rich's Mom, (Grandma Carla) gave me a Beaba for Christmas. I have to tell you how much I LOVE this little invention!! If you are a baby food making Mama, you will love this handy little tool that doubles as a steamer and food processor!! Just fabulous!!! In an attempt to expand my repertoire of baby food along with Robbie's pallet, I got a little creative today and made him a combination of apples and carrots. Little man thought this was just the greatest thing ever and enjoyed two helpings of this combo for lunch today!

For dinner last night, I mixed steamed sweet corn and mixed it with a sweet potato and guess what ??? This  was also a huge hit with my little Robbie Bobby!! Do any of you baby food making Mama's have any other interesting food combos that are a sure winner for baby?? Please share!!

 A final thought on this Mommy-Hood Post . . .
Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful, most rewarding things I have ever done. It is a blessing and a little slice of heaven to spend that quality bonding time with my baby. Breastfeeding is truly an experience that is hard to put into words for someone who has not done it before.

I have decided to continue breastfeeding Robbie until he is a year old. This was a decision that I felt strongly about throughout my pregnancy and now, 9 months into Motherhood I am seeing this breastfeeding thing through. Why is it that absolutely EVERYONE has an opinion on this subject? Not just a quiet opinion that they keep to themselves,but one that they feel they MUST share with me?

I don't get it .. . I am not offensive in my nursing, I do NOT nurse my baby in public. My child is not walking, talking or coming up to me and asking to nurse. So why, oh why do I constantly get asked;

How long do you plan to nurse that baby?
 Isn't he a little big to be nursing still?
 Does it seem weird to you to still be nursing?? 

I often feel like shouting back a quick and not so nice answer of " I will breastfeed my baby as long as I want to, no, this is not weird it is perfectly natural and it really isn't any of your business."
I believe breastfeeding and how long one chooses to breastfeed is a personal choice between a mother, her husband and her baby. Shouldn't some things be left private ? Ahh the joys of Mommy-Hood!! :)

Until Next Time Friends!


Lisa said...

Oh Sarah! I have a Beaba to make baby food with too and LOVE it! My sister got it when she was pregnant as a gift and has passed it on to me since they are momentarily on hold to decided whether or not to have more kids. A combo that Brayden loves is the age old classic.....sweet potatoes and apples! I just recently bought some of the pouches for on the go and they had bananas and blueberries as a combo. We haven't introduced blueberries yet but plan to.

Ahh! The nursing subject! Ha! I am very supportive of nursing a child up to a yer old. I plan on nursing until he is a year so we can go straight from
Nursing to whole cows milk and skip the whole formula bit. We haven't had to use formula yet so we will keep it that way unless there is a need. I'm completely okay with nursing in public as long as you cover yourself and are discret about it. I try to nurse in the car or dressing room to avoid public nursing but there has been a few occasions I've had to in public (like a state fair :/ ) power to you for nursing your baby still and remember I'm right there with you! Standing proud knowing my baby is getting the best "food" I can give him!!! Love ya girl!

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Sarah! I think it's wonderful that you plan to breastfeed Robbie for his first year of life. I had planned to breastfeed my daughter for the first year too, but at about 9 months, she decided not to follow my plan. It was so sad to lose that bonding time but I was grateful to be able to go even that long.
Also, wanted to say that I LOVE your new haircut. (although, for as long as I've been reading/enjoying your blog, I've never seen a picture of you with a haircut that didn't flatter you)
Have a wonderful day!

--ami said...

Sarah, my little boy always loses one of his socks or shoes too! It seems inevitable that we will lose a sock a day unless I keep a careful eye on them... just last week I had an older gentleman walk up and give me Gabe's sock back that he had lost 2 aisles over in the grocery store! :) Gotta love those little boys and them losing their socks! :)

I also wanted to tell you that we got the Praise Baby Collection for Gabe for Christmas. I had remembered you writing about them a while back and had specifically asked for them for Christmas! What a wonderful collection! Gabe LOVES watching them... they will literally keep him entertained for quite a while so I can get some things done around the house! :)

Hope all is well!


Colleen said...

My 4 kids are older now but I nursed them all for different lengths of time when they were babies. It seems like the more natural choice. My son, the only boy nursed until he was 2. I had planned on stopping sooner but this kid was so attached. It just felt like the right thing to do. So with that being said, you and your baby will know when its the right time. My youngest was 6 months old and that felt right too. I like reading your blog because it reminds me of the wonderful (and not so wonderful) days I spent as a SAHM to my babies. :) I am still a SAHM but with older kids. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Having a husband in the Marines and him leaving all the time is hard, so this life works for us. Keep up the good work mama!

Carla Irene said...

You nurse my grandchild just as long as you want to. You are giving him the most healthy physical and emotional start possible. One of the most important things I learned about parenting is that no one knows a child better than his/her loving mother; just ignore the rest of the world and trust your "gut". You are doing great! Oh, and so glad that you are enjoying making your own baby food; another healthy choice for our little one.

Rich and Sarah Christensen said...

Wow! Thank you ladies for all of your fabulous, kind and loving comments! Your wisdom is appreciated more than you will ever know! For the new year, I am trying to be better about answering each blog comment. So here I go! :)

Rich and Sarah Christensen said...

Dear Sweet Lisa,
First of all, I miss you SOOO much! I miss the days of walking, Bible study, Sunday night girl's night and goodies, but especially our talks and time spent together in Florida!

How is you new beautiful home and adorable Mr. Brayden?

Rich and Sarah Christensen said...

Dear Tracy,
Thank you for your sweet words! Thank you also for sharing your advice! I cut my hair because baby keeps pulling on it, the hubby hasn't sen me in over a month. . . Hope he likes it! :)
It's the inner beauty that counts!
Blessings to you and your family.

Rich and Sarah Christensen said...

Dear Ami,
I am so thrilled you got Praie Baby!!!! I loveit almost as much as Robbie does! It's such a great part of his daily routine! :)
Lucky you, I Netflix some of them. Your little man is so precious! You are a wonderful mother! Love,

Rich and Sarah Christensen said...

Dear Colleen,
Your words of wisdom are golden to me! I love your blog!! Blessings to you and your family! Semper Fi!

Rich and Sarah Christensen said...

Dearet Mother in-law,
Thank you so much for your support, both professional and as Robbie's Grandma. Being a first time mommie,I need all thesupport and encouragement I can get. I too, value the natural gift of breastfeeding! Again, I thank you VERY much for our babyfood maker!! We value it so much! Have a great weekend, see you soon!