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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I just finished viewing a DVD that I ordered titled, "A Tea With Michelle Duggar" What a refreshing hour filled with humility and wisdom. Mr. and Mrs. Duggar are indeed, wise as serpents and humble as lambs.

I realize that having 19 children is unusual in today's society, but why are so many people hostile when I mention how fond I am of this family?

Mr.and Mrs. Duggar have special alone time with each of their children. Their family has traveled the world wide. They own several businesses, they support people in need out of their own pocket and their children go on mission trips to help the world. The Duggars home school, they train their children to be self-sufficient, and they do not take Welfare.
Michelle Duggar has proudly said that they get their clothes at Thrift Stores. This should delight some of you politically correct "green critics" who scream out about recycling, wear designer labels, and have lavish mansions while you picket others.  The Duggars support and educate their children responsibly.
The most beautiful and eternal beauty of this family, is the way they revere God.

I think these people are the real deal! It is NO ones business if Michelle Duggar wants to have endless children. Yes, we all have an opinion and advice for them. But hey, it works for them and they are not complaining. The Duggars are bringing beautiful, charitable, and intelligent Americans into this so compromised society. This family chooses to obey and honor someone higher than themselves; GOD. The Duggars aim to live within the perimeters of the Lord's statutes. No one is perfect, but it is so refreshing to watch a family who wholeheartedly serves a perfect God. Let us not be intimidated or bothered by people who may reflect our own inadequacies. God Bless you Duggar family! You certainly will be in my prayers!
Your children are mocked for their styles and innocence. but I say, BRAVO!!! to: No illegitimacy, no homosexuality, no drugs, no police records, no significant others, no shacking up, and no scandals or scum.

Who is the odd one here in our inside out, up side down world? I ask you. be honest here.


Julie Cowell said...

Well put Sarah! I couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

So very true. Well spoken words!

Adrienne Davis said...

Amen! I could not agree with you more! I am tired of the people who can only see the NUMBER. Of kids they have and not how wonderful these kids are turning out.