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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Donut Man

How many of you know about The Donut Man ? ? ?
I really am aging myself here. When I was a little girl I had all of The Donut Man's tapes, videos, I even went to see him perform in person at a nearby church.

Who Exactly is The Donut Man ?

The Donut Man has a Christian children's music group ,  My parent's raised me on his music and here I am more than 17 years later playing these familiar songs for my little boy. I can still remember every word to every song of The Donut Man's music.
" Life Without Jesus,
 is like a a donut,
 like a donut,
 like a D- O-N-U-T,
 life without Jesus,
 is like a donut,
 there's a hole in the middle of your heart. "

As silly and corny as these lyrics may sound to an adult, to a child they ring so true.

Rich is gearing up for a training session with his Marines. So, this morning he left for work around 4:30 am. Now normally, this wouldn't wake Robert or myself. However, having a baby with a cold means having a baby who is up every few hours. Which means, Robbie was sleeping in our bed from about 2:00 am until Rich left for work.

Once Robbie and Rich were up, why not wake the whole house. After Rich left, Robbie and I couldn't fall back asleep. I turned on the television as Robbie and I sat there on the living room floor playing with his toys. I happened to turn int on to a Christian television station and who was on ??? Why it was The Donut Man. A very 1980's looking Donut man with big glasses and all.

I had thought Robbie might be too young to appreciate The Donut Man's songs and stories and even humor, but I was wrong! There Robbie sat, little eyes glued to the television, hanging on every word The Donut Man spoke! At one point Robbie even giggles at "Dunkin" the donut who lives in a box! haha

Well you can imagine how precious I found this to be. My mind was flooded with childhood memories of me watching The Donut Man with my Mama. :)

I was amazed at the wonderful Biblical messages, Bible Verses and Scriptures that are in The lyrics. These songs really help children learn and make the Bible stories their own!

So,  can you guess what I am ordering on Amazon today ? ? ? The Donut Man Cd's and DVD's!

Have a great day everyone! All this talk about donuts has really made me hungry for one!!! Strawberry glazed with sprinkles please!! :)



Mandi @ Finding Home said...

I loved the Donut Man too!! SO exciting that his DVD's are on amazon! I'll have to add those to my wish list. We were also big Psalty fans and I can't wait until our daughter is old enough for Adventures in Odessey. Ahh...good Christian never goes out of style!!

Making The Most of Each Day said...

OMG!!! Is he still around? I remember singing "like a whole in the middle of your heart", over and over again. You loved him!
I was concerned however, after we saw him in person because right in the middle of a song, he stopped character and scolded a child right from the stage, it scared you. I didn't like him after that. I am happy to hear that you and Robbie are fans!

Making The Most of Each Day said...

Hole! sorry, I needed my glasses on!
Love you, hope my baby is well!!!XXXOOO....

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
I was searching for some images on Google and came across your site.. I love it !! I am a homeschool momma of 3. I have 4 children. The pics of your baby are just too cute !! I am going to be a new follower.. :-) God bless your husband for all the things he does for our country, please tell him THANK YOU !! If you want to visit our blog feel free. It is awesome that you were a teacher.. God bless your beautiful family ♥