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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Teach Me Tuesday My Home Day 1 & Appetizer Puffs

Hello friends! It's teach me Tuesday and today I am starting off a series of week long posts featuring our home. I know this might be boring to some of you... and if so I'm sorry. We have had many of our out of state family and friends ask to see our home. So, this is the easiest way for me to share! I will be sharing a room each day and today is all about our living room and dining room.

Our Home

We live in a nice little home on Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base in Southern California.

Welcome to our little house by the beach!

Life is a breeze at the beach
Our walkway

My little patio up front

Come on in! We've been waiting for you! :)

Living room

Looking out to our entryway from the living room

Looking into our living room from the entryway.

Looking from the end of the living room to the entryway.

Our dining room.

We are still waiting on an antique oak china cabinet, which my parents are giving to us . It was my grandmother's and I can't wait to put my beautiful wedding china into it. :) We are going to place the cabinet in the left corner opposite the window.
Our Backyard View
The view from our dining room window. See all those little black dots in the water? Those are surfers. Rich is a surfer and he loves it here! Every Saturday morning he just looks out our window to see if the surf is good or not.

Our view in the morning. Our view in the afternoon, when the sun comes out

Looking out onto the ocean from our back porch from our yard in the morning.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that we had a large gathering at our home in celebration of our little one's baby dedication. I made all the food and received many compliments on one particular appetizer. I shared this recipe about a year ago. I was asked by several friends if I would re-post this. So, here is my easy, cheesy puff recipe. These little puffs of heaven will be the perfect addition to your holiday gatherings!


Cream Cheese, Chive & Bacon Puff Appetizer

Here is a fun appetizer recipe that is great to take to parties. I can't tell you how many time I made these over the holidays. The best part is there are so many ways to prepare them. Just have fun and get creative with it!

Prep Time: 10 min
Cook Time: 12 min

Serves: 20

3 tablespoons chopped long green onions
3 cloves garlic, peeled and minced
1 8oz package of Cream Cheese
6 Tablespoons butter
salt and pepper to taste
3 (10 oz cans refrigerated Crescent Roll Dough)

Ingredients That Can Vary:
I stuff my crescent rolls with either cooked bacon, shrimp, chicken, ham, pepperoni or just sometimes just with the cream cheese. You choose your filling!

In a medium bowl blend bacon (chicken, shrimp, chicken, ham or pepperoni which ever you choose.) along with the butter, cream cheese, salt and pepper until creamy.

Unroll crescent rolls and divide them in half to create 12 rectangles. Place approximately 1 tablespoon of the above mixture on each rectangle. Fold into balls.

Arrange balls onto baking sheet. Bake in the pre-heated oven 12 minutes or until golden brown!

Your Finished ! Enjoy!!! :)

had to post this picture of my sweetie. He is wearing a hat that his Aunt Becky bought for him! :)


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