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Monday, October 17, 2011

Robert William's Baby Dedication

Hello Readers, I have been so busy this past week planning, cooking and cleaning... This past Saturday October the fifteenth, we dedicated our son Robert William Christensen into the Christian faith. We invited 40 of our closest friends and wonderful family to share in this celebration!

The dedication ceremony was held at a Memorial Chapel on our base. Our wonderful friend Jeremy Rose, who is a Pastor, performed the ceremony. Jeremy gave a beautiful message, we couldn't have been happier. Rich and I promised to honor God in our lives and in our family. We pledged to uplift Robert in prayer and teach him the word of the Lord. We will raise him in a Christian home. Robbie was very well behaved throughout the ceremony and the anointing of oil. Rich and I were proud parents. We asked both of our parents and Rich's Grandparents to speak at the dedication. Needless to say, after hearing these sweet speeches and blessings from our family, I am so thankful to the Lord for how richly He has blessed us.

Later, after the dedication, we invited all of our friends and family over to our new home for dinner and a night of fellowship with one another. It was so nice to catch up with friends and family. Many of our friends who attended had never met Robbie before.

My Mom and I stayed up all night on Friday busily cooking to prepare for the party. I think it was a success! We made tomato pies, cheesy mashed potatoes, green been casserole, tons of brownies, sweet and sour meatballs, sandwiches, eggplant bruschetta, cake... the list goes on. I couldn't have done it without my sweet Mama! My Mom also painted and made the invitations, decorated the house, made Robert's dedication gown, painted and made the beautiful party favors and so much more!! Praise God for wonderful family and friends!

I wanted a picture of each guest holding Robbie. I thought this would be wonderful for his baby book. I am sad to say I remembered to get a picture of Robbie with every family member and friend except for my Mom and Dad. They worked so hard for weeks to make this all happen and I dropped the ball on this one! I am determined to get a picture of them holding Robbie on his dedication day, so, I will dress Robbie back in his beautiful gown and get a photo this weekend. Here are the many pictures from the dedication day.

Here Rich and I are dedicating Robert.

Here are my parents giving a word of blessing to Robert.

Here are Rich's parents giving their blessing to Robbie.

Rich's Grandpa Branch and Robert's Great Grandpa Branch. Robert's middle name is William after this Grandpa , William Branch.

Pastor Jeremy. dedicating baby Robert.

Here are the beautiful crosses my Mom painted and made for each guest as party favors. We hung our cross above the door in our entryway.

This is the gorgeous outfit my Mom handmade for Robert's dedication day. I love the smocking and the little bow tie. The bonnet is one she made for me to wear on my Christening day. Thank you Mama for all your hard work!

Here is Robbie with Grandpa Ray the morning of his dedication. Grandpa Ray was helping Robbie get dressed. :)

Now For the Party!!!
Above, Robbie is sitting with my Mom's good friend Liz's grandchildren Angelica and Christian. My Mom and Liz have been friends since they were in elementary school. Now, their grandchildren are becoming friends! How great is our God!!

Below, is Robert with Rich's parents and Robbie's Grandparents, Grandpa Ken and Grandma Carla.
Here is Robbie in our back yard with our friends The Tcharkhoutian Family. Jennifer and Christie were both bridesmaids in our wedding.

Here is Robbie with his sweet Great Aunt Becky!! Aunt Becky is my Mom's sister and my Aunt. Aunt Becky has such a kind and generous heart We all love her so much!!!!!!!!!!

Here is Robbie with our friends The Harts . !

Here we are with our son in our kitchen.

Robbie with our friends Roberta and The Grovers !

Robbie with his Great Aunt Chris and Uncle Carl along with Great Grandma and Grandpa Branch in our living room.
Cutting the cake with Mommy and Daddy!
Making Friends!!
Pastor Jeremy and his wife Vanessa and their son Luke. Vanessa, Rich and I have been friends since high school! Vanessa introduced Rich to me.
Robbie's Cake.
Robbie with Rich's brother and Robbie's Uncle Ken!

Robbie with my best friend Summer's Mom, Judy! After posting these picture, I realized I do not have a photo of Summer and her Fiance Zak. I am so mad at myself for not getting one. I guess this gives me another excuse to have them over for dinner!!!!!!! Summer and Judy were a lifesaver! They helped me warm and serve ALL the food! I love you guys!

It was a fun day and by the end of the night we were all totally AND HAPPILY EXHAUSTED!!

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