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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Favorite Children's Books For Fall

In several of my past posts I have mentioned and professed my love for fall. Today, I thought it might be rather nice to share some of my very favorite fall children's books. So, this Autumn... cuddle up with your little pumpkin and a warm cup of cider to read one or two or all of these if you please!

Pumpkin Soup is a fun and colorfully illustrated book for all ages.

Five Little Pumpkins is a great, easy read book for younger children. The book has a poem type rhyme scheme which is perfect for young readers.

By The Light Of The Harvest Moon is another book with gorgeous illustrations that illuminate the page. The book takes place on a farm during harvest season with a fairy like theme.

And Finally... This is by far my MOST favorite instrumental CD of all times!! My mom gave me this CD during my first year of teaching school. My second grade class loved to listen to this beautifully orchestrated CD during SSR ( Silent Reading Time). I would always have this music playing with the classroom lights low right after my student returned from lunch. This music soothed my students and set the mood for an afternoon of reading.

Now I play this same Cd for my little boy before each nap and bed-time. Robbie seems to enjoy it as well! :)

Since we have been on the subjects of fall and Halloween, I am curious... how many of you celebrate Harvest Time? Do you let your children celebrate Halloween, or do you prefer to celebrate the Harvest/ fall season?

I grew up celebrating harvest and Halloween. I was always allowed to dress-up in costume and go Trick- Or- Treating. However, I was not allowed to dress as anything scary/ bloody or gross. When I taught second grade at a Christian school, the school's policy on Halloween was to allow the children to have "Story Book Character Day", each child was allowed to dress up as their favorite story book character. I think that is a fun idea!

Here is one of my favorite costumes from the past. It was during the November 2008 Presidential Election. I was Sarah Palin that Halloween and a supporter of the McCain/ Palin duo. ;)




Carla I. Branch Christensen said...

Good morning, Sarah! I have really enjoyed starting the day by catching up on some of your blogs. I love the fall too.:) See you later this afternoon. --In Christ, Carla

--ami said...


I just wanted to thank you and your mom for praying for my son. A few months ago, I asked you to pray for him because he was in the hospital. I'm happy to say that after 2 months in the hospital he got to come home. He's been home for about a month and a half now and is doing extremely well. I thank God everyday and for all the prayers. Thanks again!