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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Kitchen

Hello Friends, Today I am posting room # 2 in my home; my kitchen.The kitchen is really the heart of my home. It is "my office". I love spending time in the kitchen. I love to cook, sit, eat and relax in my kitchen. It is where I spend time with my family. My baby plays in his Jumparoo while I cook, my husband comes home from a hard day's work and sits at our bar to chat about his day. We gather around our booth in our breakfast nook every morning for breakfast. To me a kitchen means family and you can tell a lot about a woman by looking at her kitchen! You don't have to have a grand, large kitchen to make memories.

My Kitchen

I love our little bar area

I love my kitchen because it is so guest and family friendly. Attached to the kitchen is a great room/ breakfast nook. It all flows so beautifully and is great for entertaining!
My breakfast nook and cool retro booth!

The great room area. Robbie loves to bounce there and look out at the sunshine and bunnies.

Another view of the kitchen

My cookbook station. This is where I store all of my recipe books and aprons

My menu board

And finally, our family rules right where they belong, in the heart of our home. . . the kitchen.

I also had to share these two videos of my little man trying to crawl!!!

There are two parts to this video. First, my little guy eagerly trying to crawl towards something. . .

Here in part two, you see Robbie is trying to crawl to our cat Maverick, who clearly wants nothing to do with Robbie. :)

Have a great day! Tomorrow I will share my guest room.



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