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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Big Baby News, A Featured Post & My Guest Room . . .

Good Morning Friends! Before I begin my guest room post today, I wanted to share a few bits of exciting info and happenings around the Christensen home last night!

Guess What?

This little man cut his very first tooth yesterday!!!! I was so excited, that I picked up the phone and called Rich at work! I had just finished nursing Robbie. He was eager and persistent about putting my hand in his mouth, allowing him to chew on my fingers. As my index finger swept across his lower gum line, THERE IT WAS, sharp and just poking through the gum . . .

So, I took a photo to capture the memory... Ha! Yes, I know this photo is completely blurry and you can barely see the white tip of our new little budding tooth friend. It was hard getting Robbie to hold still while I took this photo.

Robbie has been so good about cutting this new tooth. He has been very drooly and pulling on his ear a lot over the past week. So, I assumed something was up in the teething department. He hasn't had a fever or been too irritable either, just a few 3:00 a.m wake-up calls over the last three days. :)

Either way, we welcome you new little tooth friend and we are glad you are here!!!

Okay, one more bit of "baby news" and then I PROMISE I will stop! :)

Yesterday we bought Robert his first highchair and he loves it!! Last night he sat in it happily playing with all of his blocks and toys while I cooked dinner.

This picture was taken from breakfast this morning.

In Other News . . .

In other news, today I am being featured on Don't Waste Your Homemaking! I am an avid reader and lover of DWYH. I love this blog because Marcie, the author gives fun , practical homemaking advice that warms my heart and soul.

You can check out my post on DWYH by clicking here

I will be writing a monthly post on Don't Waste Your Homemaking about Military Life. . .

So please hop on over today and look for my military wife logo every month on Don't Wast Your Homemaking!

My Guestroom My guest room is definitely the most "girlie" room in my home! It is pink and flowery and just the way I like it!! I have said before, as quoted from Shelby in the great Steel Magnolias; "Pink is my signature color." Well, I am in a home overrun with testosterone. With my Marine hubby, an active little boy and a male cat. . .

It's time for a little femininity! Besides, you will see Rich's "Man Cave" tomorrow and realize marriage is ALL about compromise. :)

While decorating this room, I had the idea in my mind that I wanted my guests to feel warm, welcomed and relaxed. This room is very peaceful at all times of the day. It gets just the right amount of sunlight and little birds fly around the windows and eat from my bird feeders and flowers.

Looking into my guestroom from the hallway door.

My Mom made these beautiful curtains for our guestroom. We bought two Laura Ashley bedspreads. We used one as a bed spread and the other to make curtains and pillow shams out of.

I also love the three plates hanging to the left of the window! Again, My Mom took these three plates and painted chalkboard paint in the center. I just think this idea is so great, because I am able to write welcome notes to our guest, write what time breakfast or dinner is served etc . .

A view of my reading corner.

The beautiful, peaceful view guests have when laying in bed.

A table cloth we made from left over fabric from the bed spread.

Another great find from my Mama! This adorable little antiqued bird cage.

Excuse my squirmy little man rolling around in this picture! Ha! I just wanted to show all the closet space I have in this room. One half of the closet is used for my guest's belongings. The other half is where I house my sewing machine, material, craft table and supplies. My guestroom doubles as a sewing room !!
I hope you have a happy Thursday! Just one more day till the weekend!!

Join me tomorrow for Rich's Man Cave Room! :)


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Rocky Mountain Homemaker said...

What a lovely blog you have! I discovered yours yesterday on DWYH. Your guest room is beautiful. I will look forward to seeing pictures of your husband's mancave. Mine has one too for refletching arrows and storing hunting ammo and camping supplies.
Blessings to your family from The Big Sky Country.........Denise