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Friday, October 28, 2011

Rich's Man Cave

Today, I am sharing my husband's Man Cave. Also referred to as "Man's land" ( by my husband and Dad). Rich's man cave is actually one of the bedrooms in our home converted into his haven.

I LOVE that Rich has his own Man Cave! It is a great place for him to hangout, enjoy watching a football game, play X-Box and just be, well . . . A Man! Rich's Man Cave also doubles as his office. He loves to sit back after a hard day at work, take off his boots, flop onto his comfy couch and relax! So I caution you all . . .

You are now entering Man's Land.
Here we have a picture looking into "Man's Land" from our hallway.
Okay, so I might have had just a smidge of input on "Man's Land". I made these curtains out of actual Marine Corps Woodland Camo print fabric.
I have to admit, I sometimes find myself relaxing in one of the overstuffed leather couches or chairs in "Man's Land" when Rich is at work. Shh!

Of course Rich's Man Cave wouldn't be complete without a ton of UMSC pride!! Ooh-Rah!!

The USMC Flag will actually be moving soon to the other wall. A T.V will be taking it's place. We have a large flat screen T.V in our living room, a small one in our bedroom, but we MUST have one for "Man's Land". So, we are saving for a 40 inch LCD flat screen to complete . . .

The Man Cave!

Here we have Rich's desk and computer, along with the painting I painted for him several years back.

You are now leaving "Man's Land".

I bet now you know why I have my pink guest room!

Up for tomorrow, Robert's Nursery.

Have a happy Firday! :)

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