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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Teach Me Tuesday The Tomorrow Drawer

Happy Tuesday! I wish I had thought of this idea myself! Today, I am sharing an e-mail that I received from The Fly Lady. For those of you who aren't familiar with The Fly Lady, she is a household organizing diva! I have learned so many organizational tips and life skills from The Fly Lady.

I found this particular e-mail to be a wonderful idea. Although I am a few years away from making a Tomorrow Drawer with this little bug.

I think this is a great way to teach children organizational skills and eliminate the morning run around! Enjoy!!

The Tomorrow Drawer

Dear Friends,

Mornings can be extremely difficult for all of us when trying to get not only ourselves up and moving but children as well. The Before Bed Routine is essential to having mornings that go smoothly. We have talked in the past about having a launch pad for the next day for our children. This a place that the night before they place their backpacks, shoes, jackets, etc for the next day.

This is an established area that is the same place every single day. We received an email from a member about another "launch pad" type of idea called the "Tomorrow Drawer". This is a drawer in the dresser of the child's room that has the clothes in it for the next day. This is a brilliant idea.

You do not have to use a drawer in the dresser, you could use a basket on top of the dresser, a space in the closet that is dedicated for "tomorrow". Take a look at the testimonial and see if you can create a "tomorrow drawer' not only for your kids but for yourselves as well. Make getting ready for tomorrow a part of your before bed routine.

Thanks Fly Lady!!



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