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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Manners & Etiquette Wednesday Cell Phone Etiquette

Manners & Etiquette Wednesdays

It happens all too often ... in line at the bank, at the grocery store even at the movies, people talking and texting on their cell phones!!! I'm all for the modern convenience and great function of the cellphone but are we now living in a society where we have become way TOO dependant upon them??

My husband and I have actually witnessed a couple on a date at a restaurant sitting a the same table, both of them just texting away!!!What happened to good old fashioned conversation... of the human kind, face to face? In my opinion the worst is sitting at he table with someone who is texting. I have had guests in our home do this. I can understand if it is an emergency but just to check your e-mail or update your facebook status?? Come on now, have a little social grace.

I also have a pet peeve for individuals who proceed with their phone conversation while being checked out by the clerk at the grocery store. It is not very respectful to treat the clerk like they don't even exist. What happened to using our manners and making small talk?

Ugh.. well, here are some basic cellphone etiquette rules that I believe we should all try to put into practice. :)

1. Turn it off. If the ringing of your phone is going to bother the people around you—especially if you’re in a meeting, at a play or movie or concert, or a quiet place like a library or church—turn your phone off or switch the ringer to silent or vibrate mode.

2. Step away. Whenever you’re around other people and you receive or make a cell phone call, move a short distance away so that you can talk without disturbing the people around you. If you’re with a group, simply excuse yourself for a few minutes: “Sorry, I need to take this call. I’ll be right back.” Then keep the call as brief as possible.

3. Don’t say anything personal, private or confidential if you’re in a place where others might be able to overhear you. Instead, arrange a time to call back when you can speak privately.

4. Watch the volume. For some reason, people’s ‘phone voices’ are always louder than the voice they use in normal conversation. Add to that the noise of a busy sidewalk or the background noise of a public place, and the urge to shout can become overwhelming. But remember—you’re the one fighting to hear over the noise, not the person you’re speaking with. So give everyone a break, and remember to tone it down.

5. Texting- Don't text, look at an e-mail, update your Facebook status, surf the web or check on your fantasy football team while at someones home as a guest for dinner or any other function. It is just PLAIN RUDE and it makes others feel as if their company isn't enough! If you must do these things, please excuse yourself from the room.

What Emily Post Has To Say On The Subject Of Cell Phones...

…In a restaurant
Excuse yourself from the table and take the call in another room. Never disturb your own table and other diners by making or taking a call while sitting at the table. (Some ‘cell-phone free’ restaurants now actually require diners to check their phones at the door.)

…On the street
Be careful not to talk too loudly. And since talking on a phone has been shown to distract people from their immediate surroundings, for safety’s sake, pay extra attention to where you’re walking.

…At the movies
If there’s an all-important call that you absolutely have to take, set your ringer ahead of time to “vibrate,” and try to sit in an aisle seat if possible. When your phone rings, quickly excuse yourself to the lobby to answer the call.

…In a car or on a train or bus
Since the people traveling with you in a car or on a bus or train are a captive audience, you should restrict yourself to only the most essential calls—let your rehashing of last night’s party wait until the trip’s over—and keep all phone conversations as short as possible. On a train, consider stepping into the vestibule area between train cars to make any lengthy calls. If you’re riding in a “quiet car” on a train, keep your phone on “vibrate” and move immediately to the vestibule or another car if you need to answer a call. Finally be aware that speaking on a handheld phone while driving is now against the law in many places; so if you need to make or answer a call while you’re at the wheel, either pull over or get a headset that will let you talk while leaving your hands free.

News Flash: You Don't Always Have to Answer it
Before cell phones and caller ID, we invited friends over, and they spent hours without answering their phones. Those landline phones stayed at home. Today, people don't go to the bathroom without taking a cell phone. If your cell phone ring constantly, keep in mind that you're putting the people you're hanging out with "on hold" every time you take a call. When you're with friends, use your judgement before reaching for that ringing phone; in fact, think twice about even leaving it on. After all, your caller can always leave a message.

When you decide to break away to take a call, excuse yourself and step away. If the call involves anything other than a very brief conversation, let the caller know that it's not a good time to talk and you'll call him or her back at another time.

Remember: You are in control of your cell phone.
Taking a call signals that the person you are with is less important than the person calling. If that's not the impression you want to make, don't take the time to call- the caller can always leave a message.

Thank you for letting me get on my soapbox, I will step down now. ;)




DWYHomemaking said...

Agree, Agree! It's crazy that you even have to have a post about cell phone etiquette but, let's be honest, it's so true! Another thing is teaching your kids this etiquette. I had a cell phone in high school and I was ever so into texting but, seriously I did it when I wasn't able to talk to the person and I didn't do it at the dinner table lol!

Martha Schrader said...

I find it is about time to establish rules like these, as too many young people seem to think a cell phone means a permission to ring up people everywhere, all the time. When I am on the bus, I normally either turn away the call, or if it is necessary, I just say: Hi, I'm on the bus, can I call you later? Some people who call you just don't have the Idea, that you might be busy at the moment. Some even complain, why didn't you answer? Not long ago, I had a special video ringback tone installed(like these here: It shows a busy person working at a desk while an annoying phone is ringing all the time. Now callers get to see this when I cannot answer, provided they have a modern phone that can playback videos, of course. :)

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