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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fruitful Friday Cloth Diapers ???

To Cloth Diaper Or Not To Cloth Diaper ???

Hello Friends,
Today, I am asking all of my Mama readers a question about diapers. We are seriously considering going the cloth diaper route!! For a few reasons. This past week I was on a walk with Robbie and my Mom. We ran into my Mom's neighbor, who has an adorable little boy (Christopher), who is a few months older than Robbie. Christopher's Mama was telling me that they have recently made the switch to cloth diapers and that she absolutely loves them!! Well, I must admit, when I was pregnant I was 100 % against cloth diapers! Mainly because I am too lazy!!! ha ha ;)

Christopher's Mom told me she uses a diaper service called Blessed Bums. They are 100 % organic cotton and they do not use harsh chemicals to clean the diapers. She old me they are saving lots of money on diapers and overall it is just better for the baby.

Well, I was intrigued! I started researching cloth diapers vs. disposable and I am now leaning towards cloth! I found this awesome website on cloth diaper .

Then, I started thinking, will this be too hard for us? Will Daddy change cloth diapers??

So Mamas, I guess my Fruitful Friday question for you is... If you use cloth diapers what is the best way to get started (in your opinion). Do you use a service, or do you wash by hand? I hope to hear your thoughts! :)


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Elizabeth said...

Hi Sarah, I have cloth diapered my last 3 children on and off. There are so many choices and it can get quite overwhelming! If you are moving to housing and are getting "free" water it is a great deal.
A couple things to think about...cloth diapers need to be washed every other day. I wash them in my washer and hang them to dry. Another thing is that I have to buy clothes that will fit over cloth dipes. Not a big deal, but worth mentioning. I would definately get on for great information. you can also buy and sell diapers on there.