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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thankful Thursday & A Rumble Tumble For Robbie

Thankful Thursday

Well friends, I am especially thankful to our Lord this Thursday. Yesterday around 5:00 am, I was nursing my little baby boy, just as I always do. I had mentioned earlier in the week that Robbie has learned to roll over. Well, I nursed Robbie for about 30 minutes, both of us half awake. I drifted off a little into slumber land. Not even for more than a minute, when I felt Robbie roll right out of my hands, off the recliner chair ( which was not reclined) and thump onto the floor. I jumped up out of my chair, grabbed Robbie ( who was screaming). Rich is away for training, so thank God my Mom was with me. Grandma came running into the room to find a screaming baby and me, his screaming Mama!! I mean really, I was a Nanny, I have babysat for years and I have never, ever dropped a baby!!!

Robbie appeared to be ok, just very scared and teary. We thought it would be best to take him to the Emergency Room to be safe. By the time we arrived at the E.R Robbie was cooing, smiling, giggling and flirting with all of the nurses. I on the other hand was a crying mess!!!! I felt like the WORST mama in the world!! Every time I had to tell a Dr. or Nurse the story, I burst into tears!! The doctors were so kind, they told me Robbie was the third baby since midnight that day who had been dropped by their mama. I'm cringing just thinking about my label as "The Mama Who Dropped her baby" :( . Anyway, three hours later we were home with a happy baby who has a bruised cheek.

Today, I am praising Jesus for the health of my little boy. I am so thankful that this accident was not much worse. I know God was watching over my little man. Thank you Jesus for your protection!!! Everytime I start to think of all the horrible "what if's" I am choosing to thank the Lord for His protection and covering over Robbie!! Just the day before, I had bought a set of Christian Children's Praise songs for Robbie. All day my Mom and I were singing "I'm In The Lord's Army" to Robbie. Well, Robbie certainly was a brave little Marine.

Needless to say, I am now making sure I am FULLY awake and alert when I nurse Robbie. Lesson learned!! So mama's who read my blog... tell me... did I win the WORST Mama of the year award?? Or, has anything like this ever happened to you?

Here I am, a complete crying mess, with my brave little guy in he ER

The little monitor on his foot

Robbie's ET foot :(

All better Mama :)

Blessings and Goodnight my dear friends, :)


L2L said...

You poor thing, lol..... I don't remember dropping any of my kids but I do remember locking my oldest in my little mazda truck while it was running with the heat full blast, my hubby was on the west coast, with the spare keys and me on the east coast totally flipping out!!!! He was in an infant car seat all bundled up.... I got so upset I was throwing up. The fire department was seconds from breaking the back window... I was wondering why they hadn't already when they finally got the truck open...... so I know how you feel. Not sure where I was going, but ever since I ALWAYS leave a window or door open until I get in..... and it always happens when your hubby is away.

Daigle Family Happenings said...

by no means are you the worst Mamma! I could go on and on and Eden's only 17.5 months old! (That sounds really bad, but its the truth!) I was on the interstate after a quick stop on a road trip by myself with Eden and I noticed that she looked different in the mirror than normal. I had snapped the chest buckle, but not the one between her legs and she was sliding down and out of the bottom of the carseat! This past week I walked out of the kitchen and when I went back in, Eden had climbed up onto and was standing in the middle of the kitchen table. Yeah, things happen and its natural to feel like the worst mom ever, but he's alive and he's fine, so do what you're doing, just thank God that everything turned out as it did.

Lisa Maria said...

Don't beat yourself up so much Sarah. I've been there alot in the raising of my four girls. I breastfed them all lying in bed because of c-sections. There were quite a few times I fell asleep with someone wrapped in my arms and, yep, a few times someone rolled off the bed!

My husband pushed a swing with one of my daughters once and she flew straight off. One of my relatives was tossing one of his daughters up and catching her and she banged her head on a hanging lamp fixture. I know someone whose toddler burnt his hands on the oven when she turned her back for a moment.

I could quote so many more.. the thing is we grow up as parents alongside our children and we make mistakes. Thank God nothing serious happened (I do know how you feel though) I bet it will never happen again!

Carla Irene said...

So sorry that you both had such a traumatic experience. You are a great Mom, don't worry. And now you can see why God made baby with soft bones. It takes a lot of trauma to cause a fracture. Wish I had been in state for you to call. I would have rushed over.